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The man speaking wants war.
He knows too well what it’s for.
“For the survival of his people.
For the beginning of the end.”
All that is needed is a trigger.
A match in a barn full of hay
to burn all of civilization to clay.
The man who speaks the most,
knows the least.
Hides behind rhetoric.
Hates the most.
Speaks to ghost.
Do you hear them too?
The man who wants applause
says what people want to hear.
Does not equate his words
with the next world war.
His election time is near
and losing that battle
is all he fears.
The man who is speaking
believes his people are chosen.
Believes in the fairytale
of David and Goliath.
Believes that “God” is on his side.
Speaks as if he is ordained
to remind his infant ally
how deeply his blood runs
when the first missiles fly.
While he portends,
he will hide safely behind an iron dome
built just for him, seeking solace
behind a wall,
pulling strings,
making calls.


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