Love’s Destiny

The following video is a recording of Azarai, man who very recently had an identity rebirth and has developed a philosophy of love, truth and harmony.  He is a great example of what I’ve been looking for in this world, a neo-primitive who is reawakened to the possibility of expansive identity and dares to dream of human beings on a more mystical plane.  I hope you open up to this and see the courage it takes to be this vulnerable and free.  Click here for his website.


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  1. Globatron
    October 1, 2009

    Amazing sincerity comes along with this performance and the philosophy that is presented. As simple as it sounds I bet there will soon be science that validates much of what he has presented.

    I’ve been interested in quantum consciousness lately and it seems very similar to what he is speaking of but with a focus on more of the spiritual connectivity of it all. I also enjoyed how he states that we are part of the earth. I think that is often overlooked. Maybe you could get Azarai for an interview. Do you think he would be interested in sharing more of his insight?

    I think if we focused more on fixing ourselves the rest of it would fall into place. As Meteos and I were speaking the other day about climate change, he mentioned how it really boils down to being a social disease. The fact is it’s humans who are causing the problem. It’s our personal choices on a daily basis that drive the machine that is destroying our planet.

    If we continue to think of ways to band-aid the problem such as making more fuel efficient cars, etc. vs. riding our bikes or making walkable communities we will only slow down the inevitable.


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