I Am Your Calling

Posted by on Nov 27, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word

Like a string inside a turkey carcass
Its wings wrapped so it can’t fly.
The light within now dark.
Nothing new to get by.
This light will brighten up the world.
This is your passion, your internal pearl.
It is calling you from deep inside.
No matter what you do to lie.
That light can never be turned off.
It can only be hidden and disguised.
You can find yourself fifty-five.
Having done everything you should.
Raised your children, sent them to college on time.
Retired and started a new job.
Never missed a mortgage payment.
Your high credit score a moral statement.
Able to buy anything you so wish.
A boat, jet skis, even go on hunting trips.
Take weekend get aways with your wife.
And still feel dead without a life.
The voice inside still there.
Whispering, “I am your calling.
You must write words down each day.
You must become a teacher and say.
Children…follow your calling
If you don’t you might become unstable.
Each day growing older and unable
To put one foot in front of another.
Not able to express your frustration and love
That is deep inside your heart.
Even after all the adventures you did start.
Always try and find yourself.
Even if just for five or ten minutes a day.
Remember to find time for YOU to play.


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