While Eating Our Breakfast

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Philosophy teaches us.
Unsettles us.

With what we already know.
It works by remixing what you know
And makes it strange.

Philosophy estranges us from the familiar.
Providing and provoking a new way of thinking.
Once the familiar becomes strange
You are never again the same.

Self-knowledge can never become unknown.
Political philosophy is a story.
The story is about you.

Political philosophy may make you worse.
Because philosophy is a distancing even debilitating activity.

Callicles argued with Socrates to quit philosophizing and enjoy life.
They did not resolve the cases begun.
Who are we to think that we here can resolve them?

It’s true. These questions have been debated for a very long time.
We live some answer to these questions every day.
Kant says skepticism is no solution.
Skepticism is a resting place for human reasoning.

The aim is to awaken the restlessness of reason and to see where it might lead.

We are ruled by pain and by pleasure.
Should we base morality on maximizing happiness?
The greatest good for the greatest number.
Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian illusion.
Add it all up.

Four in the crew. Dudley was the Dude. Stephens was the First Mate.
All men of excellent shape.
The Cabin Boy, Parker, was an orphan and teenager.
The wave hit the ship and the Mignonette went down.
The only food, two cans of turnips, a turtle and a frown.
All soon eaten.
For eight days they ate nothing.
Lost at sea.
Burnt and free.

No food. No water. What was to be?
Parker became ill from drinking sea water and was murdered.
A dagger through his throat.
New food now, they did float.

For three days they fed on the blood and body of the Cabin Boy.
On the 24th day while eating their breakfast, a ship appeared, ahoy.
If the cabin boy had agreed would it have been okay to save the rest?
What is the moral work that consent does best?

What was the value of Parker’s life?
Even though he had no wife.
No children waiting for him back on land.
No family to tear up without his hand?



  1. Akbar Lightning
    August 31, 2010

    wow, this is rich beyond measure…

    it is too late this evening to respond fully, but just to say i have received this great work, and it has opened me to some new territory…

    great stuff, all around…globatron at its best…

  2. universaltron
    August 31, 2010

    thank you my dear collaborator. i must give credit where credit is due. i was extremely inspired by a Harvard Philosophy lecture on justice by Michael Sandel.


    online education has never been so rich and free.


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