We Will

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we will fix it. with imagination. with our own creation. mixing genetics and technology. engineering botany. with faster growing trees. injected with bamboo to freeze time. to regrow in days. soak up carbon like a mop. vacuum up poison from the air. regulate our toxins. purge our history from the soil.

we will make it. homes that are grown from the ground. only one seed per family. to grow a human habitat. able to withstand a hurricane. able to floatthrough a storm. solar stills will make our own water. solar cells will power all our needs. gardens on the walls. carved into each room. self-regulating permaculture. each plant helping the other. to form a micro climate of life. to support all life. we will harvest space and time. one drop. a million. drops of water circulating from the ceiling’s pitch to the ground. a structure that heals. leaks will glue themselves shut. biology our energy. no longer our enemy. life making life.

we will dream it. see it in our mind’s eye. let it sit there for a while. simmer. boil. take it out and put it down with graphite on paper. brush and oils. imagine it. thirst for it. know that it is all possible. that all of human knowledge has been for this. to make structures that are made of living earth and plant life. that will grow to fit our will. as we in return grow more attentive. more aware of each choice. everything used. weeds designed to form furniture. outer walls as hard as shells. biomorphic. anthropomorphic. a mirror of our cells, ourselves.
freedom for humanity. expunging all sickness and disease.

we will fix it.
we will make it.
we will dream it.



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