View from the Ivory Tower

Posted by on Nov 1, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word

The Ivory Tower
The Ivory Tower
The Ivory Tower

As I sit in my Ivory Tower
I think of all the lost potential.
How this term is thrown around loosely
To apply to anyone searching for sequential

Logical ties that bind us to our
ongoing social issues. That can help us grow
Out of the cycles of the abuse of power and money.
Dissent is in our blood in this tower

As we look down upon the mess that
Should be cleaned up before we are blessed.
The expanse for which we can see is infinite
Because we can humbly call a lie a lie.

Seeking truth we rely on our instinct
That this world would like to make extinct.
The gut feelings that something is wrong
With the machine we grease each day.

As we take on our mortgages and leases
We dismiss the Ivory Tower and its intellect
As just simply over-thinking mundane issues
That we should be trying to solve before our pay.

So as I sit here in my Ivory Tower.
And I think of the future of mankind.
I know when the missiles DO ascend
That from this tower I will watch it ALL end.


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