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I did not get the context
That was intended
I did not understand
What was transmitted
It was cut and pasted
You did not think I would take it
Any other way than
Here is something I should know

You did not get the context
When I went on that rant
You did not hear the inflection
From the voice in my head,
On the screen when you read,
What I typed thinking you would know
That I speak for the dead
I speak for those who are silent
Never knowing their context
I sometimes bully with subtext

I did not get the context
When I read someone was flaming you
I wrote an email that used truth as a weapon
Using ultra-honesty to disarm
Metaphors are not funny when one has
Already put up their alarm

I did not understand
When this all started so many years ago
First email, then blogs, then Facebook
One cannot convey the face to face…look
The way we talk with our hands
The way our eyes speak volumes
The way our body bends
Will we break the digital bonds we seek
Abusing the avatars and profiles through which we speak
Until we bleed our egos dry
Left abandoned to cry for a new beginning
When paranoia does not rule good intention
When we do not seek to hurt but to heal
When each dialogue is a chance to feel



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