To Retreat

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Climate Change, Peace, politics, Survival


Some land
Off the grid
Often hid
Next to streams
A tiny house
Burning wood for heat
A place to pack up
To retreat

To hit the road when things get bad
This is the dream I often have
Living off the land
With ax in hand
Asking only that we may live

Ask me if I’m mad
I left Brooklyn on 9/10
When asked why I left I said,
“The Islamic fundamentalists hate us and
New York is a ticking time bomb.”
Word for word
I repeated this, now truth
I left and lived

How did I know
Was it just a feeling in my bones
Was it just a reaction to the news
Was it both together
I could not refuse

Is this feeling to now retreat
A premonition I should delete
Or one I should share and follow
To leave
To live
To survive
To retreat


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