To Define

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Survival

I define you.
So I can speak to you.
So that your name holds no power.

What are you?
Are you the individual or the culture?
Are you inside me or everywhere?

Where do you begin and end?
I see your photos.
I know your pathology.

I consume you in my food and water.
I see you in the mirror.
In our hospitals.

You are sickness.
You are greed.
Always taking more than you need.

You are my enemy.
A cellular IED waiting to explode.
A bioterrorist pushing me to implode.

You kill by living.
When you are well others are sick.
When you grow strong others shrivel.

Your name brings fear.
You are always needing to be cut out.
To be starved.

Poisons are taken.
Surgeries are gotten.
Technology invented and forgotten.

Many now beat you and survive.
But, you often return stronger.
We evolve so that we might live longer.

How much of me do you need?
How much space must I concede?
For without me, you are nothing.


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