To All My Fathers

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Survival

All my fathers are now gone
with the transit of Venus.
They have all toed the line.
They have made all of their deadlines.
So many accomplishments.
So much community built and rebuilt.
They were all well respected and sometimes feared.
For men can speak with their fists
sometimes quicker than with their lips.
All truly present to the ones they found.
Showing that a gentleman is to be genuine.
In lost accents passed down for generations.
Living through the great depression.
Surviving wars fought.
World War II and Korea’s frozen chosen few.

The blood of brawlers and builders.
Lifters and thinkers.
Measurers and tinkerers.
The creative and the educated.
The silent and the talkers.
Their paradox was their true gift.
To see so many examples of manhood.
To see not one solution but many.
To work in concert with woman.
To build a family strong.
Facing limitations and righting wrongs.

All my patriarchs are now gone.
My territory now my very own.
My pride small but growing.
My lioness beautiful and independent.
My cubs wild and restless.
I will remember you all.



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