Time Lives Here

Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Spirituality, Survival


You and me as we see.
Key deer and iguana.
An alligator or two.
Large Gambian rats
and peacocks too.

A land wild and free.
Settled by man but constantly humbling.
With its beauty.
With its water surrounding.
With its one road running South.
No going around.
No not being on the island
for we are all animals here.

The water is clear and pure.
Cleansed by seaweed and currents global.
Always moving.
Always mobile.
Here you can sit and watch the sunset
as it has for billions of years
and feel small and feel immediately
that this is all there is.

From this nature we have escaped
to air conditioned states of emptiness.
Skin burns unprepared for the energy
the Sun gives without asking.

We feel disconnected
as we sit at out desks and ponder
the future of our lives.
As time continually erupts.
So much technology connecting us
to each other, but detaching us from our mother.

She asks for nothing but to be heard.
Like a conch shell waiting to be blown
her voice is inside each of us.
We know the choices as they are laid bare.
To find a connection, to be here.

Where man is but one part of an infinite puzzle.
Where the ocean sees all.
Where time rises and falls.
Face the power of the ocean’s embrace.
Where all life began.
For time is but an invention of man.


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