They Snatch Us….

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Sex offenders five miles from my home.

When no one is looking and no one is around.
Walking home from school, at home, at a game or around town.
Our children disappear in a second and are never to be heard from again.
If we are lucky they are found in a few years after having lived through hell.

These predators are all around the places we live.
Stalking our children and making us live
In a state of paranoia not able to trust
Our own neighbors or family that we know the best.

These cases seem to be increasing at a very rapid rate.
Sometimes, it’s even the parents that become part of the case.
Our children are our most precious commodity for sure.
More precious than stocks or gold because they can not be replaced.

As we speak, registered sex offenders live next to us.
Surrounding our homes and doing their thing.
It’s not odd to have a hundred living right around your home.
So when a child gets snatched it should be no surprise.

Our culture has grown a sickness inside.
The predator’s hunger grows with each day they hide.
Some say they are rehabilitated and want to start anew.
Some have never struck and are just waiting for their first time.

Our hearts go out each time, to the parents and families
Of these missing children who now must live with this curse.
Many unsolved mysteries of kidnappings will continue.
Until we realize why this sickness is growing all around us.

What part of our culture grows this disease?
Why would a person want to commit such an atrocity?
What do we do with them after they have served their time?
Is it possible to know who might strike before a crime?

As a father, it is my worst nightmare indeed.
To think that someone could snatch what is dearest to me.
I want to fix this problem for all of humanity
Before it happens to one more child and family.

My closest neighborhood predators…



  1. Akbar Lightning
    October 26, 2009

    this is insane.

    1. there are none in my town, only 3 total in neighboring towns, according to my wife who did a search.

    2. i think this would be an excellent way to address party differences between democrats and republicans. it would be highly offensive, but ultimately, possibly, undercut right-wing claims to righteousness.

    yes, we live in an anomic time, a loss of shared virtue and morality. some would claim this is a good thing, seeing morality as the root of evil, blaming tryanny and violence on morality. but that seems a poor argument. it’s like saying because hitler like orange juice, then orange juice must be evil. just because hitler was an idealist, does not mean that ideals are bad. his ideals were faulty, he was a soldier, with violence as his only means of expression. an idealist armed with pacifism is no danger to those who keep their ideals locked away for nobody to see because they fear their own responsibility in this community species known as human beings.

    if we are going to get rid of pedophilia, a form of domestic terrorism, we are going to have to address the root problems of society, just like violent extremism, we cannot fight the individuals, even though we have to police them, we have to ask ourselves why these people became so sick, because sick is what they are.

    most pedophiles were abused themselves. they are people living in very dysfunctional environments, with a lot of psychic isolation and loneliness. the destruction of human community is to blame for a lot of this. only by rebuilding human unity will we see an end to this horror. but, and this is the main point, if we build up human unity, we would threaten those powers that profit from our bickering.

    great post, frightening image, as always g-tron, you are asking the big questions, and i am arrogantly asserting big answers, he he.


  2. globatron
    October 27, 2009

    I think your question is a really interesting one. I’d like to see the political and religious beliefs of all the folks in prison too. I find it interesting how the media often times demonizes atheists and agnostics and I would bet that statistically speaking there are far less crimes being committed by folks with no religious background. I’d love to see the data on that.

    But the fact that there are no sex offenders in your town which is extremely liberal and there are hundreds where I live which is extremely conservative makes me wonder about this. I know Jacksonville has a dense conservative Christian background. So your theory might hold some water. This could indeed be a very divisive controversial study if this data was collected. I do believe the moral high ground will be protected by the conservatives no matter what the findings would be. The data would be dismissed as just some more “progressive liberal” propaganda.

    I like your idea of the breakdown of community in general being at the core of these social diseases. I believe there has been much study in regards to that by anthropologist and sociologist alike. My wife was validating your hypothesis. Having a sociology degree she has an understanding of these types of studies that I don’t. It is amazing how much we can learn from collecting data about our own species. It’s as if we are in a zoo and we don’t know exactly what type of animal we are looking at, yet we are that animal.

    Here’s some input I received on Facebook from this post that I thought was interesting.

    They’ve always been there.
    But now we know about them.

    Now compare this newly found fear with what it means to the children. And what it changes within them, when they can’t explore the world on their own, like we did. Its better to teach them to be snatch-proof kids rather than shelter them from the world. Kids like to play “boogyman games” and we have lots of fun teaching ours how to be snatch-proof.
    … Read More
    I’ve found lots of insight into this at


    And then I took a look at the Free Range Kids web site. I like the concept and I do want my children to grow up with the freedoms I took for granted, but I do feel it’s a different world we live in. There are so many missing children these days it is startling. I would like to think that the statistics have not changed but I would also need to see the cold hard data on that. And maybe it’s just how the media has portrayed these cases that scares the living shiznit out of any parent. There are several cases that have been reported in just the past few months that are quite mind numbing.

    Also the title Free Range Kids implies to me that we are getting our kids ready to be eaten like chicken or cattle 🙂 I don’t like that connotation. I might have to give it a read though to give my paranoia a break.

    I think it was the case of Somer Thompson just a couple of weeks ago that really was a wake up call to me.

    Orange Park, FL is basically a suburb of Jacksonville. It’s just a few miles from my home. Then after looking up the sex offenders in my area it really is quote imposing and fear inflicting. If one thing our culture has gotten good at, it is keeping folks fearful. I wonder what that fear will do to our children? If anything I should attempt to mask my own fears better as it can not be healthy for them to see.

    Do you suggest any remedies to this problem Akbar? Where to start?

  3. Akbar Lightning
    October 27, 2009

    yo, even though i tried to tie it to political ties, that is only as a provocation to the religious right, as it would turn them red with rage, and that is always fun.

    but it is much more about socioeconomic status. poor people, people without a safe community, with very little education do not know how to manage emotions, desires, instincts. such people are closer on the scale that separates us from animals, and this is why they act out in ways that we find frightening.

    civilization is a process that requires consensus, and the building up of shared community values, even though it is hard to do. in a society where everything is being done to divide us more and more, such crimes, such degraded states of human consciousness will become the norm. we live in the end days of an empire, this is normal, historically speaking.

    and it is also normal what we are doing, looking for a way out, looking for a magic set of principles that will inspire a ragged, torn apart humanity to get together and come to agreement on some terms, so that we can start playing nice together again.

    there’s my 3 cents,


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