Their Human Race

Posted by on Oct 23, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, New Media


There are two ways through life.
The way of nature and the way of grace.
Grace is forgiveness and love.
Nature seeks to put you in your place.

How we wandered.
How we ran through the woods.
Walking sticks in hand.
Defending our imagined land.

The trees we climbed.
The forts we destroyed and built.
Animals seeking the divine
That some might find.

Decades ago kids played
Board games and kick the can.
Fathers were hard.
Nature they showed.

Sir and mam a title bestowed.
Passing of notes in class
Passed as sexting video.
Check Yes, No or Maybe.
I think I like you baby.

Sweet talk was done between
Lockers or parks we roamed.
Now our children are at risk.
Pedophile’s photos pasted in the parks we visit.
Anonymous emails sent to our children’s friends.
A naked photo taken for fun and jest
Shown for the entire world to digest.

The broken hearted finishing a war started.
Cowards masked behind the internet.
They let their hate speech grow.
Burn the whole house down they say.
Someone hurt me once now it’s hell to pay.
For this is natures way.

Right now my children sit in the backyard.
I worry about them being out of site.
I worry about the friends they will make.
How things have changed.
How technology has sped up everything.

I remember playing all Summer long.
Playing in the woods till the dinner bell rang.
No adults around till the evening came.
We would run and bike all day.
Bullies were met with fist fights
A bully could become your best friend despite
The bullshit you went through for that right.
Because people change.

I see them outside throwing rocks into the ditch.
The two of them so young and perfect.
I pray that they find the way of grace
And that nature is kind on their human race.


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