The West

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in 2013, anxiety, Choken Word, detox, Survival


We aim to detox from you

Not from a drug or an addiction
But from you, our culture
Which has polluted the environment
Which has poisoned our bodies
Which has programmed our children

To believe they always will need your products
To believe they can never be here, now
As we always look for the next fix
By the toxic toys you mix
Into our “Happy” meals
Into our buy one get one free deals

The West has made “progress” by
Digging holes and filling them in
Blowing up mountain tops
As our fresh water slows to a drop
Stealing land for natural resources

The West sells us their plan
Of always needing more
Of never having enough
Economics is a hitman
Killing cultures for more holes to dig
Growing more feed for pigs

We will detach ourselves
We will deactivate
We will cleanse
We will tell stories
No screens to hide our eyes

And create a way without you
Where our world heals itself
Where our collective body functions
Without disease
Without  cancer
Without the disorders
You have sold us as normal

We will find the us, buried deep in you



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