The State of Our Union

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A network is built for times like these.
A message in a bottle I throw into the sea.
I barely know you but we are in this together.
As the consequences we face vibrate forever.

Boats full of Africans sailed up to the beach.
Half dead and half alive they could barely speak.
Seeking a new way of life from their country
Where food is scarce and water sources weak.

Mexicans and Central Americans looking for work
Flee their barren lands and cross to the North.
No food or water in their lands or countries.
Our entire border will soon be guarded for entry.

India is building a three meter fence as we speak
To keep out the refugees from Bangladesh.
Politicians continue to debate the affects of man and the sun
While the human impact of climate change has already begun.

Mexico is facing huge socio-economic problems.
So many problems it will be impossible to solve them.
For a moment imagine the world in 2024
As the flow of hungry ex-farmers migrate across the lands.

Food riots are now common place.
The Gulf Coast and South Florida are under water space.
Congress just gave the funds to guard our borders for
A fence three meters high pumped with electricity.
A ditch underneath and another fence behind.

Robotic machine guns a top the fences shoot to kill.
Maybe a bit too much like science fiction if you will?
Maybe you’d rather think of things working out instead?
But the military has already written this scenario into their heads.

As they prepare for the unthinkable that will soon be seen.
This might affect you or maybe your children.
If you were born after 1980 you will see this indeed.
As our country fights for food and water from our neighbors.

Maybe paranoia abounds by whom we are lead.
As we eat up the climate change dooms day scenarios we are fed.
The age of consequence is upon us they now say.
We will be affected and humanity will dearly pay.

But I must ask myself why should it really matter?
Sure it will be a horrible way in which to live.
Maybe by the end of this century our species will be done.
Maybe the next species that arises will learn from what we have begun.



  1. globatron
    January 29, 2010

    Inspired by:

    Quite alarming but nothing most of us haven’t heard before, which is what I thought was sad.

  2. crystl37
    January 29, 2010

    Great piece, as usual! I am curious though, what is your position on the prophecies of 2012-

  3. Globatron
    January 29, 2010

    Appreciate it. You know I’m torn over the 2012 prophecies. I sense something big is coming in our collective consciousness. I’d like to see a positive awakening for humanity but I have my doubts after knowing how prone humanity is to repeat its history. Also, I don’t feel we have the tolerance and open mindedness to face the changes we are about to come face to face with. Just look at the health care debates in the U.S. for an example of how terrible partisan mob mentality is.

    To me the whole health care debacle is a great example of how far humanity has to evolve.

    I believe there is too much corporate interests involved in the politics of global warming that if we had the technology in place right now to make the changes we need it would somehow fail. I do want to be optimistic for life in general so I have tried to see humanity as insignificant. In a sense I think the lessons the individual learns here is more important than the group. To me that is what is important.

    What are your thoughts on it?

  4. crystl37
    January 29, 2010

    Well, globatron, I see we are going to have some very interesting discussions! As far as I have been able to decipher- there are entirely too many prophesies, mathematical formulations based on the iching, the mayan calender, the binary code of our dna with earth history expressed as a double helix, Terrence Mckenna’s Time Wave work, volumes of channelings from dimensional guides, ancient wisdoms, messages left for us to decipher and on ad infinitum for there not to be some validity there. Not to mention that our solar system is due to bump into another system, and cross into an asteroid belt, the largest sun flares ever recorded are occuring, a pole shift is due at that time, a significant one, there is a magnetic force building in our solar system that is so dense that the equipment measuring particles bombarding us from the sun (details if you want-let me know) have been picking up a visible wave at the edge of our solar system and just recently identified it as a force which is reflecting those particles back at the sun in such volume that they see the reflection.

    I think that the entire planet is in denial about this, the government isn’t though-construction of underground 2012 shelters for the elite is documented to have been going on at an ever increasing rate. I suspect that the profileration of military installations all over the world that is quietly proceeding with machinelike intention has something to do with more underground facilities-the reptiles certainly beleive that they will need all the real estate they can get in the new subterranean world they envision.

    Granted, we have polluted the shit out of our planet, but really, anything we can dish out is totally inconsequential in comparison to the forces which work on plantetary levels-I mean we figured all this shit out right-ice age, shifting of continents and bodies of water-how hard is it to figure out-planets and galaxies change and grow-the fucking planet was covered with ice-so hasnt it been melting all this time for gods sake? Eventually, wasnt it all going to melt pretty much, where did we get the idea that it was supposed to reach stasis.
    Something killed the dinosaurs quickly and in mass. Im pretty sure they didnt have too many cars and buses that fucked up the enviroment to the point that it no longer supported life! at all!

    People are so smart-we figured all this shit out and traced everything back a gzillion years, but we arent smart enough to admit that in the progression of events that have been established by the sciences to have been occurring for billions of years we are due to get wiped the fuck off the face of the planet-seriously. And it is so strange-my friend who keeps close tabs on things related to space and astronomy and had in no uncertain terms given me evidence of impending catastrophic cosmic events that had a high probability of occurring in 2012 has even done an about face. I said something today about how amazing it was how people just act like nothing is going to change in the next couple years-thinking he and I were of the same opinion-and he acted like he had no idea what I was referring to. I swear to god HAARP is at work- all of a sudden everyones like oh yea 2012 whatever-nothing happened in 2000-really?-and that was a panic based only on the claims of who? oh thats right the government-and the inventors of all those computers-they werent sure if the time clock would navigate the rolling over of the first digit-the world might end. Convenient, isnt it, that we all have that releif to fall back on as we get lulled into the complacency that will be the last one we get lulled into this time around-one way or the other.

    Whats that Molly Shannon character on SNL say-“dont’t get me started, don’t eeevvvven get me started”

    I think you get the idea-I look forward to sharing my ideas. This certainly be an ongoing discussion.

    December 11, 2010

    The State of Our Union: Democracy Now!!!!! #assange #wikileaks #anon @PoetryFound

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