The Soul of Infinity

Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word


The Soul of Mankind
Hangs from a line
That is held in place by you and me.
As it floats in the eternal sea.

The rock that it uses as a boat
Is floating through our universe.
This soul is the only thing we have
As we argue over the words we see.

There can’t be a God.
There can’t be a soul.
These words are outdated.
And totally inflated.

You must buy more Gold.
The dollar is devalued.
We must have freedom for all indeed.
This is the mold we cast.

Our soul is dying inside when
We have nothing but arguing.
Man is now dying as God has done.
When we could bring him back to be.

Our facts are just symbols
We place in a temple.
As we raise them up we deny ourselves
The mystery inside of we.

You are a miracle
Made from stardust floating through space
With all the potential you want to be.
If only we could see this miracle

Inside ourselves and believe.
This miracle connects us to the everything.
Apart but together. Separate but whole.
You are the soul of infinity.


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