The Solution

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

The solution is within your reach
It is through the company you keep
Through the work they do
Through the passions they choose

One can think they need so many friends
Needing them to validate what is within
Not knowing the empty hole felt will never end
For no amount of attention will rescind

The damage that began
By asking for approval
By needing renewal
From the opinion of others

Look for the good
Marry yourself to the ones who bother
To quit the talking and start the doing
To the problems we are all facing

To the poisons in our food
To the water shortage we have accrued
To the broken education system
Too many problems to list them

You all know what they are
The problems we face, a shared scar
The solutions come through action
From joining together and lasting

Through the change that comes


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