The Shadows of Revenge

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Globalization, WAR


I feel a deep emptiness inside
I feel grief over
the lives lost, on this day

that grief has remained fresh and visceral
for over a decade
has now subsided

I still feel deeply
I still honor
the innocence lost

Now, there is a hollowness
that has replaced
the revenge that was sought

hardening the arteries of
what we have become
paranoid and terror filled

a nation—gridlocked by political will
divided by the increasing inequality
stalked and haunted by our government agencies

I still mourn for the loss of individuals
But, I do not mourn for America, anymore
For, I am too worried about the death that will come

never forgetting the wars in the sand
doubting everything we fought for and
not seeing any end

no way to bring back the lives lost
wanting to right the wrongs
of the long path ahead

Collaboration with Andrew Beierle


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