the same old ant hill

Posted by on Nov 25, 2009 in Choken Word, Peace, politics, Religion, Revolution, WAR

A change is blowing through the air
One of peace and unity to those who swear.
To seek empathy and unity for those who care.
To seek justice and integrity for all that’s fair.

This empathy can be found deep inside us all
By trying to see all perspectives before we call foul ball.
Fear mongering and terror are its greatest enemies.
That keep us fighting and bombing the same old territories.

Sounds like sixties hippie bullshit some might say.
When war was raging and peace still not the way.
Open your eyes and you’ll see things are much the same today.
As we bomb two countries into submission very far away.

As we draw party lines and take sides on social issues.
As we flame each other online, not knowing who we speak to.
You are the enemy I despise, we so often think.
You are not human, we say without a pause.

You are not virtuous and Godly enough we think to each other.
You are not open minded and are too judgmental my brother.
You are going to take my guns away and enslave me.
You are going to keep health care reform away from my family.

But we are all human and need the same basic elements.
Food, water and air to breathe as the basis for sustenance.
A local community that provides equality for all.
A global community that treasures life no matter how large or how small.

We are all the same, fighting for survival on this insignificant planet.
No species from other galaxies is coming to save us and expand it.
All we have is each other and it would seem we should learn
That unless we embrace our differences we soon could all burn.

But I’d rather think of that air of change blowing through the air.
How we can look at the lessons provided us and learn to be fair.
That no war is just and there is no victory, no matter the spin.
That we are all just fighting over the same old ant hill we live in.


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