The Rat Race

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in 2012, Choken Word


Rats interconnected
Brains switch
Legs twitch
Across continents
Moths wired
Neurons fire
Flight is controlled

As billions are spent
on modeling the human brain
So that we may rearrange cells
And cure all disease
So we can scan consciousness
Into machines

I want to see my father again
Where did his memories go
When he left this planet years ago
Were they encoded into his DNA
To be decoded and uploaded
Into the collective to one day play

Stories about the war
About his father and mother
before I got to meet them
I want to still learn from him
Step in his huge footsteps
And make him proud

I want to leave a legacy
For my children
If I don’t get to see them
Take their steps across the aisle
To see their children smile

I want to craft words into heart beats
So that this rhythm will repeat
Throughout the millennium
Traveling across cultures
Across time
To find an ear
To erase a little fear
Of where we have come from
Of where we are going


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