The Physics of Sound

Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in 2012, Choken Word


In games you knock a glass bottle down
It falls over onto its side, it rolls around,
It hits the floor and shatters
All three dimensional modeled matter

Created by object physics simulation code
All the sounds we hear
All the movement we steer
All the forces of realism we seek to mold

The simulation is smart
It knows when an object collides
It detects the path it should ride
It handles and controls all reactions

Is this a good place to play a sound
We find places like these in the code all around
Hints left by others to hook into
Clues left by others to pursue

Gathering all the data about collisions
What kind of sound should it make
How loud should it be when it breaks
By comparing the object’s velocity

Should it be an impact, a scrape or a rolling sound
How loud
How long
Should it abound

Of course, all kinds of other things happen
Guns fire, people talk, trains breathe, creatures snort,
Horses walk, lightning strikes, stagecoaches roll
As the wind blows… it goes on and on.

For Corey Shay Much respect….


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