The New Tribe

Posted by on Apr 5, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Peace, Transhumanism

We will create heroes.
Lean and muscular.
Hunters and runners.
Farming with their hands.

Watering our once barren lands.
Faces painted and bodies bare.
Woods silent and green.
Ghost shadows rarely seen.

Like winged spirits flying high.
Floating from limb to limb.
Digging inside the earth
Seeking deep to search

The mysteries still unknown.
This is the generation that grew
Once the peace that we knew
Was achieved by true evolution

A complete overhaul of our species.
These children are our future.
Nothing digital in their rise.
Nothing to distract their eyes.

New vegetation never compromised.
Genetically altered and tribal.
Nothing warlike in them to go viral.
They will never kill their own kind.

Always seeking to develop their minds
Always seeking to connect with the divine.
Always giving back as much as they took.
Programmed to never repeat OUR history books.


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