The Mask

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Survival

The mask is put on wet
like a warm wash cloth.
Slowly it is pulled skintight, downward.
Your teeth grip a mouthpiece
so there is no breathing
but through covered nostrils.
No eye holes.
No mouth hole.
No nose hole.
No movement at all.
No chance of freeing oneself.
Strapped down to a table.
No defense possible.
You are at the mercy of technicians.
People you have never met.
This makes you feel helpless.
This makes you feel introspective.
Energy is measured and focused.
A specific part of the brain the main locus.
To project all the hopes of your world.
All the dreams of a family.
All the possibilities of a lifetime.
The technician announces it is over.
The mask is removed.
You are told it is alright to move.
The mask has been marked.
for the area the radiation will embark.
Shotgunned through bone and tissue.
The nurse tells you that
Ions will cook off mutating cells.
Leaving the healthy ones to slowly repair.
Warning you your brain might swell.
Warning you fatigue will set in.
All of this is finely calculated and planned.
You remember that it has only begun.
As you put your faith in Western medicine.
So that you might weather future storms to come.


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