The man who had everything

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

I think of you in your tower
are you looking down
watching us move around
are you in a bathrobe
martini in hand
nursing a hangover

from the party last night
do you see us scurry with might
from point a to b
do you wonder in dismay
how can they live this way
paycheck to paycheck
day to day
with no plan

how many wives have you had
while you traded your fortune
which allows you this distance
from the resistance
you will never understand

because you have this space
in your private elevator
in your private helicopter
tip-toeing past
the lower class
on the way to board meetings

when you pass us in greeting
you tense up not knowing
if you will be asked for a quote
if you will be photographed
will you attract a mob

you think we envy you
you think we wish evil on you
we only wish you gained empathy
not by giving to charity
not by justifying your gross income
to lower your taxable guilt some

but by knowing you exist because of us


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