The Gold Star

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Choken Word, psychology, Recovery, Religion

Trying so hard to win the gold star
Excelling with words and drawing for far
too long without anyone noticing.
Without the powers that be realizing.

I have pretended daily that I don’t care.
That I put my passion out there and that it is fair
to distance oneself from one’s desires.
That, that it is the only way to put out the internal fires.

That one can not have something if one wants it.
That one must decide to give freely and not quit.
That the battle with one’s ego is always there.
But one must come with loving open arms to bear

The passion and talents that God proclaimed
upon one’s soul as it was waiting to reclaim
its karmic path as it was forced to be reborn back
to fulfill the desires that one’s soul seems to lack.

So is it a lie to act as if one gives expecting nothing
for one’s time and energy? It must be worth something?
Would it be better to proclaim these desires openly
Than to believe that your calling is denied falsely?

Than to believe that this was all just one big test.
To see how much one can take and still act one’s best.
For what good is talent if it can’t find the light?
Nothing more than a curse on one’s back for others’ delight?

So I validate myself if that is how it must be.
I am God if I am the only one who can see
The power of rhythm and knowledge that flows through me.
I am God you see and I mean no disrespect.
For you have this same power if you would only reflect

Within the powerful flow of energy inside your consciousness
That is connected to everything around you which is infinitely limitless.
So as I end this circular flow of words and thought
I realize that God can neither be sold nor bought.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    December 17, 2009

    WOW DUDE! you are beginning to write epic poetry, on the level of Rumi and Hafiz, you go dog, seriously, it’s technically brilliant but that merely accents the power of your vision and your continual ability to inspire me to dig deeper into that infinite source of strength that I have, but for some reason continue to doubt.


  2. Globatron
    December 17, 2009

    What a tremendous honor to compare my writing to Rumi and Hafiz. Thank you my friend. But I must remind you that I don’t write these poems. I am merely a medium for something larger than myself. Just as you are a medium for something larger too. I wonder sometimes about if we both don’t “make it” as artists in this lifetime that we should definitely come closer to it in the next. It would seem that in Hinduism a soul is always reborn to a higher form of evolution to seek the desires it did not attain in the lifetime before. When souls are reborn they also surround themselves with souls that vibrate at a similar frequency as their own. Souls that surrounded them in their past lives surround them in the next or can.

    So if that is true it would seem you and I have been here before and that we have had this discussion many times and that we are getting closer to fulfilling our desires as artists. These desires could be fulfilled in this lifetime even and if but we would get off the karmic circle of life. I rather enjoy the infinity of it all though and being able to share something much larger than myself with others as I tap into its power. I’m not sure what that power is but it’s there when I let it guide me. I am sure it is guiding you too as I can definitely sense it.

    And much thanks to Logocentric for sending me Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, Life After Death, The Burden of Proof. Much of what I speak of comes from the first two chapters.


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