The Ghosts of Slavery

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Struggling to free itself , the stone constrains. From another plane this flesh and bone has come. Native American civilizations destroyed for fertile land. Africans from a village overseas struck from a block of granite. Men with defined muscle and flesh, their women raped for eternity. Over and over and over.

Their ghosts haunt your historic home’s basement. Their are monsters under your children’s beds. Their moans are heard at night. But they always submit for chains know no regret. Have no feelings. Know no pain. There is no time for this, for this is forever. This hell we have defined during the search for the sublime to make physical work easier for our backs. Ship it overseas and have it made for ten cents. Close down a factory and purchase robots for lower rent.

To hell with our communities. Call it outsourcing if you must. For you know slavery adjusts. It needs no labels. Bondage is crass and slow as mollasses. Another year to redefine itself. It knows no hour glass. There are worker bees and there are drone plains. There are drugs keeping us sane. There are machines engineered to reclaim, time. Keep us from actually working. Keeping us focused on forgetting history.

But history does not change the path we led. From one war to another bled. I can’t help but think the NRA is the new KKK. Trying to take our babies away. With their fear mongering and threats of 1776. The year we tried to fix the world’s problems. Through a quickly written constitution. Now seen as written by an invisible hand. From the same invisible man who supposedly guides them.

Wanting to arm every school to guard our children. The KKK did not take my baby away. It replaced white hoods with public policy. It lobbies to defend regression. To keep everything just as it was. When black folks had to sit at the back of the bus. When don’t ask don’t tell would never fail. For gays would not work in any American military. Remember?

History will alway be on the side of civil rights.  And right is not defined by slave owners or corporate zoners anymore. So take your money, guns, bullets, chains, whips and nostalgia and grow old. And then die. For delusional old white men need no longer apply.



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