The Anti-Patriot

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Globalization, Peace, politics, Religion

I don’t believe in this country.
I don’t believe in its greed.
I don’t believe in its lack of tolerance.
I don’t believe in Adam and Eve.

I don’t believe in patriotism.
I don’t believe in continual wars.
I don’t believe in religion.
I don’t believe in the growing poor.

I am an American anti-patriot.
Who lives here because I should.
To keep this country stable.
From all those who would kill me if they could.

I live here for all those who would have this country
White faced and Christian only.
Driving SUVs to church on Sunday.
Eating hamburgers and hot-dogs on game day.

For all those who don’t care for equality
For all those who are different from them.
For all those who qualify as a minority.
For all of those with different cultures or skin.

I am a proud anti-patriot.
Who served in the military back when
I believed in this country
And the freedom I thought I was protecting.

I am now ashamed of my service
And the reason for of its purpose.
To continue the foreign policies of this nation.
To spread capitalism to every station

Where natural resources can be had.


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