Taking Initiative

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Climate Change


I bike them.
We wake and ride.
Wind in our hair
as we get there, full of pride.
For moving our bodies.
For taking initiative.
But they don’t know what
initiative is
but they have it.
They have it in their movement.
From their bed to their cereal bowl.
From the clothes
they toss on before we roll.

As we watch other parents
sit in the car loop.
Exhaust spewing out
while we arrive.
Their hearts and engines thumping
because they are late.
We walk past them
holding hands.

I bike them.
Back from school.
In the heat and humidity.
It is these moments we share.
In the Florida swamp
as we grasp for air.
We watch out for traffic.
We keep each other safe.
We exercise our fate.
Taking control, each ride we make.


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