Summer of ’13

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Choken Word, Peace, revelation, To Save Your Kind, Truth


A day can be long, as time d-r-i-f-t-s
from full moon to rising sun and back again.
You can watch it all live, now, on demand.
3D, HD, full of color
full of giving,
full of loving.
full of forgiving.

But….you must choose.
Choose if you want to get out of bed.
to see the colors change.
The light hitting the waves.
The moon and sun’s slow dance overhead.
Or if you want to wake up mid-day instead
living in a comatose dream state.
The choice is yours to make.

Make it yours and then give it away.
Donate your time.
Help make miracles happen.
By being part of a community.
By being part of a child’s memories.

I’m going to make this summer
the best one of my life.
This will be the one songs
will be written about, not by me
but by the children I help raise.

Through time I spend with them,
I praise their existence.
I honor their birth.
I honor the lives
they will live
By being here with them, now.

Making up for any lost time.
As their voices change.
As their bones grow long.
I rearrange my calendar
So I will not miss a thing.

Standing on our porch
I told them it would last forever
Oh and when they held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those are the best days of our lives

Now in the summer of ’13



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