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On his way back from war.
His mind and body are adjusting for
The hard work ahead.

His brain swollen.
So many memories.
So many stories.
So many reasons to cry.
So many reasons not to die.

He has to put it all behind him.
To realize that today is new.
The fresh breeze he feels now, few.
Remembers the laughter of his children.
Feels everything that bound his love.

He will come back stronger
To love his wife longer.
Flying back from overseas
He looks out through the plane’s window.
Sees the clouds and fog.
The sun setting on distant timezones.
Remembers the flesh and bone
That has been sewn back together.

So many friends and family
Have gone through this.
News comes out each day as we twist.
Be it a disease or IEDs.
It is our love we protect.
As bullets and bombs fly by.
All the surgeries and MRIs.
Hold it close and do not just survive.
Strive, to be thankful for your life.

For second chances are rare indeed.


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