So Very Few

Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word

Growing up without fear
Outside all day like animals
Till the sun went down
Machete in hand
Making trees and earth bend

Biking till the Summer’s end
Children on our own land
Where there were no criminals
And everyone knew everyone
Churches and apple pie and all
Where the kids grew slim and tall

My mom remembers well
Ringing the dinner bell
As we jumped backyard fences
To sit together as one and pray
All day we played with friends

No one ever was attacked
Unless it was from within our own pack
No knowledge of pedophiles or whores
No knowledge of murderers or wars
No knowledge of guns or drugs

Other than the kid who sniffed gas
And killed small animals out back
He would bully anyone for fun
He was destined to fail
No parents watching to dispel
The fear within his young heart

A time when no one was gay
When closets were shut and that seemed okay
When train tracks split towns in two
Prosperity still destined by skin color
The Sheriff and the Klan knew
Diversity was a word spoken by very few


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  1. Byron King
    August 9, 2011

    The world was backward and I was young. There were as many wrongs as there were rights growing up in a small town. Segregation was newly implemented. There were murders and there were kids who went missing and were only ever seen again on milk cartons. There was no 24 news cycle which has I believe has poisoned our society and America as we once knew it.

    We might have been more ignorant of what was going on in the world but to some degree, that type of ignorance was bliss.

    I am proud of the freedom we have achieved for minorities of all types. I am proud that our LGBT friends and family no longer has to hide in a closet that our society forced them into.

    I suppose to some extent each generation looks back and believes that the grass was greener. Now I have two girls of my own to raise and I do remember those backyards and the group of kids that I would do everything with, all summer long. I wish I could let my girls go out freely into the neighborhood now and not think twice about them being abducted. Sadly, those days are over.


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