Say It Again

Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Spirituality

what do people write about when they have nothing to write about? that nothing they write about is their everything. that black spot, hole, mole is their cancer. their immortality they are fighting. fingers move and thoughts groove. i don’t know what more i have left to give. does a person reach a point where there are no more choice words? no more voice to give? no more rhymes to craft. no more room to laugh. we have reached the end. the plane has landed and you are standing at the edge of the earth.

there is play.
words crafted a certain way.

a blank canvas to fill with color.
darkness you know like no other.
because it follows you.
the lightness too.
all wrapped up in one.
the moon and the sun.

so when you get to that place and there is nothing more to say, what are you to do? do you repeat your thoughts like a mantra? I love you.  I love you. hoping to get to the other side. where your words are not heard but prized. where conversations begin and end. where dialogue is not a sin. this is the existential price to pay for a life spent searching for truth. for a life searching for you.

there is exercise.
muscles strengthened to realize.

the body that you own, owns you.
you drive it as if a vehicle to bruise.
when wrecked it is discarded.
treat your new vehicle more guarded.
that is, if you are to be obtained
into the system again.

if you are pushed back into the vortex let it take you. shotgunned into another life begun, if you let it. hold back and you will become pure static. where sound is not heard but is ecstatic. Ecstasy. where in the vacuum of space you find your place. where energy is eternal. this is the prize you win for a life spent doubting. for a life seeking love.

that is everything.
start it over and say it again.


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