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Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes

If I could only ask
For all the time I wasted
I could take it back
Could it be different

One lives to eighty
Drinking and smoking
Cursed words choking
Some are born to die
Inflicted before they open eyes
From their first breath
Loved ones torn, bereft

If I could have it back
All the time I wasted
I would only ask
To make it different

If I was given ten years to ask
How much love have I tasked
Taken to its max
Looked deeper than deep
Felt harder than hard
Photographic memory charged
The thirty second flash
Streaming video when I fall back
Stealing glimpses to help relax
As I pass

If I had one question
I would have to ask
If I could have it back
All the time I wasted

If I was given three months
To think about life’s tide
The lower than lows and the higher than highs
I would see we are all grasping
We are all reaching
As we pass

Stretch it out and make it last


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