Right Here. Right Now.

Posted by on Nov 7, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word

as we live on top of each other four to a room
i think of the homeless with no place for their head.
no manger or floor to call their bed.
as i sleep on this air mattress i think of the world

floating in my dreams with my body curled.
i write these words to send you a picture of life.
a snapshot of what it’s like to live truthfully despite
all the obligations and obstacles we all occur.

helping me find focus as life flies by in a blur.
i try and compact hope and peace and love inside
a few short sentence fragments that might be read.
by a handful who might find a chance to be led

out of the despair that is this modern era.
to dream of a life lived without fear or terror.
i awake to the sounds of my children running round.
the air mattress squeaks as my body is found.

four bodies, four hearts, four souls live in this room.
to many this would be a time of gloom.
but i cherish this time with my loved ones.
for we are lucky to have each other right here, right now.


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