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John Keating: Close your eyes, close your eyes! Close ’em! Now, describe what you see.

Byron King: Uh, I-I close my eyes.

John Keating: Yes.

Byron King: Uh, and I see the line.

John Keating: An endless line.

Byron King: An endless line that devours space and time.

John Keating: Oh, that’s *excellent*! Now, give it action – make it do something!

Byron King: It pulls me in and stretches me out.

John Keating: That’s it! Wonderful, wonderful!

Byron King: And all time is screaming.

John Keating: What’s it screaming?

Byron King: Screaming Justice.

John Keating: Yeah, yes.

Byron King: Justice like-like a jacket too small you can’t move.

John Keating: [some of the class start to laugh] Forget them, forget them! Stay with the jacket. Tell me about that jacket!

Byron King: Y-Y-You try it on, it is too long, too thick. You try to take it off, it binds you, it’ll never let you go. From the instance the deed is done, till the instance judgement is passed, justice will be had. It will hunt and grab the guilty. For the innocence lost. For the innocent lives murdered. Dead. Relentless.

[long pause then class applauds]

John Keating: Don’t you forget this.


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