Posted by on Jan 6, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Recovery, revelation

every once in a while life just works.
you finally get a break from being the mail clerk.
your dead end becomes a path of opportunity.

it happens when you least expect it.
expect nothing and you won’t be rejected.
never fill yourself with smoke and mirror dreams.

put your head down and just work.
remember that we all want to be somebody.
remember there is something wonderful,  even in the worst of us.

we are all part of the same magic potion.
the chemistry that grew these human emotions.
we are all seeking to invent a better life.

if you are feeling really low I suggest prayer
so that you will remember where
you came from and what we all share.

because there is a real blizzard out there.
the snow is getting deeper with the guilt we keep.
when the ice darkens and the snow covers you

try to remember that your break is coming
and that a new season we are all wanting.
even in this cold, good is happening all around.

open your eyes and see the sounds.
through all our trials and tribulations
we will recover.


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