Random Acts of Kindness

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American TV

The world changed today as I turned on my TV.
There were random acts of kindness all over the screen.
For the first time in history these things became news for me.
An eagle scout built a nature trail in a local park close by.

A family adopted a child, and gave her a new start and home.
A father was laid off, and was able to start his dream job instead
Where he teaches local teens the values he wishes we all had.
An Israeli and Palestinian family live side by side in peace.

Volunteering has become America’s favorite past time, over sports.
Bike commuting has turned into a movement all over the world.
Healthy fast food joints are being built to fight our junk food courts.
And not a word was reported about spree killings, rapists or pedophiles.

These random acts of kindness were broadcast for all to see.
A new school was built in a village in Africa for girls to get a degree.
Fresh clean water is now available in the countries we made free.
Cancer research is advancing with the use of nanotechnology.

Different religions all over the world are living in peace and harmony.
Hard to believe these examples I’ve shown, but indeed it’s a reality.
Global initiatives on climate change, policy united
from every land to every sea.

Random acts of kindness have begun to be reported today.
To seek out the love and turn away from the hate.
To seek out forgiveness and turn away from vengeance.
To not focus on the fear injected into our culture for ratings.

Random acts of kindness, happen everyday and go unreported.
News media began to focus on the love and forgiveness that we can achieve.
So we may remember the good in life that is happening everyday.
Of course this is a fantasy, but one I’d rather live in and believe.


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  1. globatron
    November 7, 2009

    In honor of all the victims of the recent and future atrocities. In honor of the future of mankind. Looking forward to a time when mankind is not consumed with horror, fear and sensationalism.


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