Pitch Black

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word


All these fingers and toes; filtering, weaving, pulling, wiping mouth and nose.
Touching our pads and phones and touching less and less flesh as we go.
More touching glass than ever before.

Our fingertips pet objects like they live.
Like they are extensions of our bodies.
Are they?

When will they become our bodies?
Google Glasses to be upgraded and cheap.
So we can reach higher or for the deep.
While driving and playing.
Reading and flying.

Cars are driving themselves.
This is the year the cycle stops.
Only months before the ball drops.
Another year to begin anew.

Technology helps us depend, even more on the tools we create.
If…the grid stopped, how long would our glass extensions glow?
Showing us the darkness we now call home.

Imagine this…..

Millions of smart phones and tablet users shining
their unconnected dumb machines like flashlights
till their batteries die once and for all.

An entire city lit up by smartphones.
Eight hours of light they would pull.
Then darkness.
Pitch black.
Before the attack.
Nighttime brings out predators.

Somewhere there are people who are preparing.
They have generators.
They have arsenals.
They have data backups.
They want to carry the torch of our creation into the future.
Build another nation and call it a village.

How easily the Sun storm will
knock out all satellites.
Knock out all premium channels.
No more HD or
Direct TV.

No more late nights sipping coffee.
No more organic food shipped across the country
just to go bad over night.


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