Open Source Humanity | Scene 1

Posted by on Nov 29, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word

You have entered your soul into these machines. All the information about your things. Who you knew when a child. Where you grew up and the adventure your heart sings. I can access your data at the blink of an eye. Look at you and help predict how to not let you die. Look at you and know what was your calling. Some say this data is unsafe as we discard our privacy. I believe having a completely open society is how it should be. No secrets should ever go untold. We are now open source humanity that we all can behold.

As you lie in your medical bed wired up to even more data as we have said. The nurses and doctors are able to see where you’ve been. Where you stayed when you were a kid. Like police detectives we can access this all at the blink of an eye. Hunting down the symptoms we have yet to combine, within a diagnosis to save you from even the common cold. Your body is shutting down. It came on so quickly while you were walking around town. You were shopping for Holiday gifts as you always do. Looking in the windows to find a simple clue, to what your wife would like as she cast her spells. Saying the only thing she wants is for you to be well.

But you knew that was a little white lie so you got up early and went to go and buy, a few things to put under the tree. The tree is plastic and older than you are. Recycling has become fashionable and third generation this tree is so far. You remember the tree when you were a kid. How you would dread putting it together before bed. How you and your family would crisscross lights throughout its chemistry. Plastic on plastic and slightly bombastic. This tree is now your legacy and you are going to make her proud with many a presents to completely dispel, that you have not been listening to all the hints throughout this year. Little glimpses the hints are. Little glimpses into each others wishes can go very far.

I’m not sure what you did as you got off the Metro. You must have rubbed your hand across some hidden residue. Something toxic or a bacteria that was seemingly invisible. Something poisonous that must have come unglued from its hiding. Jumped to life on your body and now is gliding through your blood system. I remember when you came in you had very high blood pressure and a slight fever. Seems you passed out while handing someone some dollars. You arrived within minutes and now you’re lying here on my shift. I’m your nurse and I won’t resist the temptation to shirk my duties and go for a smoke. I get my best work done while thinking outside. About the bodies lying on the beds that the hospital provides. What will the doctor say when he arrives. He can access your file now while on the way. He sees your face and all the data I outlined for him for my pay.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    November 30, 2009

    well written, i love the imagery.

    it reminds me of a house episode.

    i especially like all you wrote about the plastic trees.


  2. Byron King
    November 30, 2009

    Thanks. Really appreciate it. I think if I continue this series it will end up being a mix of House meets Minority Report. I thought of House when I was writing this so that’s interesting you indirectly got that. I was thinking of how the SixSense invention could maybe be used twenty-thirty years from now to help share data and save lives.


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