Only Once

Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Choken Word, Recovery

Watering Sweatpea Seedlings

My head is disappearing.
Into my fingers.
Into this keyboard.

Like a pitcher of water
being poured into a potted plant
Unaware of what I might rant.

Only aware of the action.
There is only this moment.

My children are running around.
with their heavy feet.

They are excited to be physical.
As I feel broken.
Body healing
from lifting and pulling.
I try to outlive my body,
so I break it down.
So that it might repair.
So that it might come back stronger.
It is not working.

I seek the serene.
A transcendental moment
I can pass on.
Some words worth sharing.

I have retreated from the political.
Retreated from the news.
I focus on the best to hear and view.

The stunning site of my eight year old and her missing front teeth.
The passing furry of my youngest not getting her Pop Tart.
Her repetition is to break us
As her blood sugar fluctuates.
These moments we see.
Only Once.

My memories are slipping away continously.
My body is in rehabilitation, forever.
Both physically and mentally the past is my best.
But, I still want to share what is left.

So that after I water this keyboard a root
might grow on the other side.
As this data glides through this web of life.
We share together.


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  1. Glenn A. Bautista
    January 12, 2014

    Byron, we both sing similar songs and lines. But, since we both have somehow crossed over a bit to this unfamiliar path, we have, so far, been able to cope with the Great Almighty’s guidance and protection. Let’s both hang on and continue to pray that His Will is our wish. Many times, I pray for one, and He grants me another but always only to realize that it’s a better path. I continue to pray that our long journey both be a meaningful one for both us, our families and friends. One of my greatest joys is having met you as a cosmic brother and friend. Keep those plants growing. Take care, God bless. – glenn


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