one long infinite pause

Posted by on Jan 30, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Futurism, Philosophy

As if in a dream I awoke
To find out that it had all been a bad joke.
Humans never needed their bodies.
We were all now balls of light afloat.

It was as if we had passed the big test.
A peace treaty had been signed to arrest
The human greed and suffering we have all endured.
The petty arguing and wars to which we were allured.

We were now all beings of light with no longer anything to fight.
No more natural resources to hoard out of spite.
We had a decision to make through this awakening.
Were we all to stay on earth or travel abroad.
No longer bound by time and space our problems solved.

No more need for government or laws
Our energy part of one long infinite pause.
Between the big bang and big zoom.
The stars charted in our infinite womb.

Even with this change of the utmost extreme
Balls of light formed allies and made teams.
No longer able to hurt each other they were seen
Haunting other dimensions and the life forms therein.

Other humanoid lifeforms wondered why we picked them.
Why we carved patterns into their ground.
Why we moved objects when they weren’t around.
It would seem that we still needed to engage.
That it was not just our bodies that held our rage.

Some tribes found peace in the cosmic dance.
Flying into stars and becoming entranced.
Shooting into black holes and coming out the end.
A point of light at the beginning before it bends.

I decided to take my family of light back into the dream.
As we entered new bodies in other galaxies full of steam.
These lifeforms were simple and didn’t need much.
As if we were ancient dinosaurs seeking our lunch.
We searched the planet eating alien plant life all day long.
We lived in peace as a new family and continued our song.

This choice we made…aware of our potential energy.
The simplicity of this life form we chose for its synergy.
The middle path this animal had always maintained.
Keeping the balance with our environment we decided to remain.



  1. crystl37
    February 2, 2010

    Wow that is awesome globatron. Just had a chance to glance at it before tonight but I finally got to really read it. It’s beautiful.

    Thats an interesting concept you describe- “not just our bodies held our rage”. Some reading I have done on the ‘soul construct’-describes the hold it has our psyche though from what I understand-it is no longer actually active- or administered- it is in a ground loop I guess you could say. The dimensional beings whose assignment it was to keep the soul construct firmly in place have given way to those now trying to protect us from the dark forces which govern our planet and try to control our minds. I kind of think though that basically all of our emotions are tied to our 3d consciousness- like characters in the ‘Ghost Whisperer’-dead people not able to go through the light because of unresolved conflict on the earthly plane. Or are you suggesting that there will be many of those balls of light roaming around with unresolved issues engaging in mischief around the universe? I love it-thats something I havent really considered too much before.

    It also struck me what you mention about tribes- that has been occuring to me also- I am questioning the idea that we are all one-I mean I know we are all light beings at our core-but I have entertained the thought that maybe different groups or tribes are here on earth; I’ve also been wondering about whether or not ascension, (to use a broad term) is in anyway individual-or if so to what extent-the more answers I receive the more questions unfold. This piece is very soothing, you make thinking about life after death, or after mass death even, seem all warm and fuzzy.

    Once again, we are on the same track-the ideas you touch on here have been at the forefront of my thinking-I might have mentioned before I was working through some new thoughts- you’ve just greatly enhanced that process. From one ball of white light to another-great job!

  2. crystl37
    February 2, 2010

    Oh and I LOVE the title by the way-the way you took a concept weve been discussing and presented in a unique form-between ‘big bang and big zoom’-is so cool- and the womb reference is absolutely perfect. Are we paying our dues-so to speak. Does the creation of new life in the Universe come at a cost- if nothing else just the reverberation from the original intent from which we sprang has I think shaped this period, but is it possible for us to fail and what if we do?

  3. globatron
    February 2, 2010

    Great. Thanks so much. Wonderful input. Beautiful really. To this question:
    Or are you suggesting that there will be many of those balls of light roaming around with unresolved issues engaging in mischief around the universe

    I am indeed suggesting this. Of course it is just a random thought but that does not negate the concept that the spirits that many come into contact with are not the same spirits that were here before with unresolved issues. They could also be alien as well. They could be a lot of things but yes I think many will find peace once we pass but many will cause mischief because it is in their nature.

    I like the idea of de-evolving as well. Many seem to be horrified of the idea of evolving back down to a less evolved organism but that actually seems to be a blessing in disguise. Since it seems that our minds are what is causing us from finding connectivity with nature and our individual nature then why would we want to be as evolved?

    I don’t think there is any failure just as I believe the idea of right and wrong is a simplified way of looking at the universal construct. i still believe in beauty and I am still seeking truth but I feel they are intertwined.

    morals and ethics are so relative when looking at them on a universal scale. Is it wrong for a super black whole to swallow billions of stars? Is that action unethical?

    Will that black hole be cursed with bad karma or sin? These questions are one of the reasons I’ve begun to look at life more in terms of natural systems and organisms. For instance I feel like an ant right now
    (for many reasons) and their society is often compared to humanities. Actually in many ways I feel ants have surpassed humans in their ability to collaborate peacefully to build a communal way of life.

    The idea of spiritual tribes is an interesting one I think. I find comfort in that as well. My tribe is my little family and a handful of friends and I feel we’d prefer to give up the fight after this is all over even if it meant becoming huge roaming plant eaters on a far away planet. I’m sure there will be tribes that decide to build another culture, religion, and weapons of mass destruction as they make their choices in their next lives. I will not be among that tribe.

    Looking forward to learning more about what you’ve been thinking about lately as well. Thanks again…


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