I find things online that blow my mind.
I think of these inventions and how they can change time.
I dream of environments that they can coincide.
These stories are reality right around the blind

Visions that we can not see yet.
Not unimaginable but yet to be vetted.
Investigated and researched and funded before forgetted.
These dreams are as real as the car you are driving.

You see them if you see past the exit you’re wanting.
Merging and morphing into new applications for creating.
Technology is changing the world we live in.
Saving lives and humanity as if it is the ONE lesson.

To believe in your imagination as if it real.
It can impact all of our lives if only we dispel
That dreaming is childish and silly despite
The problems needing solutions with your internal light.

A species with all the solutions within their might.
Within their brains and hearts not yet to see their goals.
That we are all born for ONE reason and ONE reason alone.
Not to just have children but to pay homage for our own.

These goals are small when we first fabricate them.
A flicker of neurons and memories sticking to your stem cells.
You might not understand what this unconscious comes from
But it’s a mystery I’d rather not solve as I fear the solutions will no longer come.

It’s not ONE country or culture where this imagination evolves
It’s a collective Jungian collective unconscious from which it roams.
We know not where we get these thoughts and that is fine with me
As long as we plug in before our time is long gone for us to see

The invisible connective tissue between a tree, the sea, me and your mind.
That everything around you is ONE mantra for us to find.
A formula for everything under the surface of the universe.
Call it what you will, I will not complete it or disperse.


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