MRI of ISIS with Contrast

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in 2015, Choken Word, Fear, Peace


You want to make sense
out of nonsense.
You want to take the BOO
out of the boogeyman.

Replace fear with hope.
Un-program the radicalized
The way of the West.
The way we see best.
Where freedom speaks. Out.

You want to delete 90,000 tweets a day.
Make all the hate go away.
Reattach all the heads that have been cut off.
Un-rape all the virginity taken.
Un-break all the bones broken.

Do you want your voice to count.
Do you want no boots on the ground.
Do you want all war to end.
This is how it will begin.

Spread joy online and to others.
Forgive you neighbor and your brother.
Smile when passed in the hall.

And if the boogeyman comes
to take your life.
To take your child and wife.
To take your head.
Tell him he is forgiven
for the choices
he has made.

Forgiven for the blood
on his boots and grave.
Loved for all his hate.

For he is a mirror of you.
Your reflection in reverse.
All the evil and love.
All the light and dark.

Our cancer grows deep.
The only way to survive
is to accept tumor cells
as your own. Tissue.

Something you never asked for.
Something basic issue.
Given out as a right of passage.

For if you hate
as if “IT” is not your own,
you ignore
the hate, the tumor, the terror cell
was locally grown.
was inside you all along.

For love is the only
known unknown.


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