Meditation on Things

Posted by on Dec 25, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word

I am not this stuff that surrounds me
as we buy more and more to try and be free.
I am not this out of shape body.
Twenty extra pounds in this lost cavity.

The stuff I have does not own me.
Instead it chokes my spirit that sees
that these things create division
and blind my soul’s true vision.

There is no I.
I is a word that is made up to divide.
I is a word that we use with mine.
This is not my stuff that I find.

There is no my to the stuff we own.
My is a word that puts us all in tow.
Hopefully we will one day realize
The stuff we own we will despise.

My little girls are now using the word mine
About toys as they openly opine
About whose toys are theirs and such.
Whose things one can look at and can not touch.

The ego is developed at a very early stage
As children believe in their things at an earlier age.
Hopefully they will realize sooner than I
That these things we buy them are all a lie.

That no thing will ever fill that empty hole
No matter how large the stuff we hold.
That they are only symbols of our love
Not things to cling to from a sleigh high above.


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