Meditation on 2012

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Theories abound about 2012 in our collective story.
Some believe it will be the end of mankind’s glory.
Some believe it will be a new beginning for humanity
Where we have an awakening and experience true clarity.

This date manifests itself on the Mayan calendar as the end.
Nostradamus predicted this being the day we should repent.
The I Ching has been decoded and this date aligns
as being of great significance for our time.

Militias are training for the New World Order to arise
because they believe in a plan to kill millions and dehumanize.
Many believe that aliens are coming back to claim their throne.
That humans are their genetic offspring made and grown.

Others believe that planet X will collide with earth and end it.
Or maybe the poles will shift throwing the environment into a fit.
Or maybe aliens will finally decide to talk to us and make first contact.
That the crop circles are being sent to us to decode our new path.

Or maybe the rapture will come and we all will be judged.
Or maybe a nuke detonated and a city will become wreckage.
Or maybe climate change is real and the waters will rise higher
Destroying the islands and lowlands and putting others on fire.

Or maybe The Large Hadron collider opens a Large Black Hole.
One that makes our world go back to where it was stole.
Or maybe the black hole in the center of our galaxy expands
Sucking The Milky Way into itself from within.

Or maybe it will be just like Y2K, just another day.
Maybe it is in our nature to always look for another way.
Maybe we feel we deserve to be the center of the universe.
Maybe we are looking for meaning for our eternal search.

So as we begin 2010, let us listen to all the theories
And cling to the ones that don’t makes us fear.
Let our minds be comforted in the days to come
in the hopes that this date will be a day of peace and love.



    January 2, 2010

    Meditation on 2012: thoughts, predictions and comedy

  2. Akbar Lightning
    January 2, 2010

    First of all, this is a fascinating and wonderful poem, that really illustrates the fractured nature of human knowledge, and the need for some people to unite to begin integrating knowledge in a way that is useful for developing lives with meaning.

    secondly, one of the things i find most disturbing about the world right now has to do with irony and satire. that video of the gun-toting lunatic looks like a satire, it looks like a sarcastic caricature, and yet it is not, it is a real person, somebody who is so lost as to believe, what looks like a joke, as a reality, and lives with that reality, that uneducated vision, built upon ideas that have no grounding. this kind of thing shakes me to my core, this is the face of the problem.


  3. globatron
    January 2, 2010

    thanks again mate. yes, the data out there is indeed fractured. too many theories to count. everyone has an idea about the end of the world but few have an idea about how our species will find peace and live in harmony with our planet. i find that quite sad.

    as to the militia video i did find it funny but you have a good point as it would seem he has already followed the advice he is jokingly giving in the video because he owns an assault rifle and the gear he would need to join any militia.

    i find reading the comment threads on the militia post on YouTube interesting. So many believe that the NWO and FEMA death camps scenario is real that I would guess they aren’t thinking about the here and now too much. The 2012 theories have so many looking forward to some sort of huge event in history it’s almost that they are willing it to happen. With that said, I choose to focus on 2010.

  4. Logocentric
    January 2, 2010

    that wasn’t satire? wow. that is a truly frightening thought.

    i dig the poem, globatron. it does expose the fascination, which now seems to be everywhere and growing, with the end of the world. but i think you’re right that it is best to concentrate on the present.

  5. Akbar Lightning
    January 3, 2010

    i mean, maybe it was satire, but that was my point, i really truly could not tell, and i see this everywhere lately. it means one of two things, that the linguistic parameters within which satire or sarcasm, therefore criticism, may be recognized has broken down, making true social understanding impossible and frightening, or two, i have lost touch with what is common, that I have somehow become overly serious and unable to recognize the humor. my instincts tell me, it’s more the first, giving myself credit.

    sometimes i watch television shows, and i feel like i’m watching a satire, and yet everybody seems to be taking it literally. for instance, last year, when that susan boyle woman had her ‘moment’ on stage, and I watched it, i honestly thought it was a joke, kind of a sarcastic ironic joke. i did not find her appealing, or her voice for that matter, she was utterly uninteresting to me, as I thought the whole point of that show was to find attractive people with youthful energy to sell a pop image, so i was completely confused when somehow it seemed people were telling me it was not a joke, even that they found her inspiring. one of my good friends was impressed by that ‘moment’, and i felt disconnected, and i’m not being sarcastic, i truly felt like i was either missing the joke, and it was on me, or that other people had somehow become completely insane. this video is yet another example of that, not only can i not decide on the angle, i have no clue about how one would go about finding a ground of being, clues, for instance. this, of course, can lead us to wonder about ourselves, about our own projects, about our own ironies and sarcasms….paranoia 2.0

    anywhoo, it seems the whole world is alice and we are all in the rabbit hole.

    akbar (ironic pseudonym)

  6. Logocentric
    January 3, 2010

    i think i understand what you mean, akbar. it is definitely hard to discern intent in the cases you mentioned. this isn’t a novel observation, but it seems that categories such as satire and irony are breaking down as more and more people become visible as commentators, performers, etc. not breaking down, perhaps, as much as transforming into things not quite ironic and not quite satirical. sort of the way that certain misspellings of words become commonplace due to ignorance or laziness–and after a while, the changes are no longer contested because they are so widespread. and they become widespread, i suppose, because of the determination of previously isolated or marginal people to participate in a larger culture, but also because of increasingly available means of participation. in the case of our militia person, i guess that a number of factors intersect. first, there is the confrontation of the fact that certain types of irony and satire are devices of both identity and exclusion–of the insider and outsider. i.e., the person has an understanding–though not necessarily a sharp one–that some groups have certain (unflattering) opinions about the person’s identity. then there is the fact that digital cameras are cheap. and there is also the factor of cultural difference. in other words, there seems, because of the variety of communication technologies (combined with the ongoing democratization of entertainment, as you mentioned with the american idol contestant), to be a heightened, mass awareness of the ways in which the other practices their form of othering. there is the sense that one is saying, ‘i know that you exclude me, and i see how you objectify me, and i will now not only demonstrate my recognition but i will take part in that process, but in my own interpretation of irony or satire. and in doing so, i will make your perceptions of me groundless.’ not an original thought, of course, but it is the scale on which it is now happening that makes it transformative for all of us.

    as far as one’s ability to recognize what is serious and what is humorous, that may become a very local affair as we shift into the new technological terrain. it may be (and i have to cite you here for inspiring this idea) that we will eventually need to resort to a very literal, clearly-coded means of communicating when interacting outside our immediate kinship or friendship groups. and even then, who knows. but we see, for example, differences already (and probably have for a long time) in the ways in which we distinguish between what is funny among two or three friends and what is funny in front of a live studio audience or at a comedy club. there are different perceptions of what is funny depending on the context. the definition of satire can differ according to who is in the room and depending on the topic of conversation. still my point remains that the shift we are seeing now in terms of technological effects–and the sense of mass participation–may only be the breakdown of certain definitions and categories at the mass level (but i do think that that is a real shift that we are witnessing). whether or not that shift will quickly trickle down, so to speak, to personal relationships/definitions between friends, remains to be seen. but i think that’s in the mail as well. our generation (or maybe i should say a good portion of our generation) may be the last to be systematically exposed to many categories like these.

  7. globatron
    January 4, 2010

    I thought it was funny, at first then Akbar brought this up and I dug and dug through the videos of the militiaman and realized he makes stuff so over the top and that is directly connected to all of the groups he makes fun of. That makes me wonder more about his motives. It’s like he’s a hipster making fun of hipsters . I mean that would be an option. It’s so over the top it’s hard to understand really how someone could spend that much time producing so many videos poking fun at the militia to not have known the militia or even be in it. It’s quite confusing. I didn’t even question it until Akbar brought it to my attention which is what is interesting.

    As far as the post. There are quite a few theories of 2012 I left out of the poem. Here are a few more.

    The hollow world theory: where aliens live inside the world and it’s hollow and are coming back in 2012.
    Aliens living on the dark side of the moon theory, etc.
    and if you can think of any others please let me know.

    I prefer to see it as a new beginning not an ending. It seems so much human consciousness is focused on this day that something is bound to happen.


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