Matthew 11:5

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Religion, To Save Your Kind, Transhumanism

A voice is not enough
Actions must be taken
Choices must be made
Each and every day

How much water to use
What do you choose
To eat
What truths do you seek

Do you put yourself in a chamber
Hearing your own voice
Echoed over and over
What should you do

Listen to what you want
To the issues you warrant
With too little education
With too much knowledge

Words Googled at ease
Tweets spread like fleas
Videos viewed by billions
Profiles updated to please

The friends you once had
As the world chokes you out
The hope you once gave
Eyes now glazed

This world needs a miracle
Technology a messiah
To undo the damage done
Born into our cells

All the prophets are one
Reverse engineered by us
The human brain mapped
Artificial intelligence saves

The blind will receive sight
The lame will walk
The deaf will hear
The dead will rise

The good news will be preached to the poor


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