Losing Oneself

Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, detox


Losing oneself is easy
It comes from taking your time
And giving it all away

It comes from living for others
And forgetting to bother
You need an hour

To think
To breathe
To eat

It can happen at work
By doing more than is expected
Working late and on weekends

It can happen at home
Giving everything to your children
Giving everything to your spouse

Continually cleaning
Continually listing
Feeling your life force is waning

Because you took no time
To organize what is inside
By looking deep within

By listening to your heart
That is where you must start
At the tick tock of your clock

That sets the rhythm for the day
Allows you to face turmoil and say
I need just a minute

Or I can’t do for others
I can’t take the stress
I can’t take the tantrums

Without a deep breath
To keep heart focused on self
There can be nothing else


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