Judgment Day

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We all silently pass judgment each day. Those colors or that text will not make it my way.
Look at her walk. Listen to him talk. Is that all he’s got?

Where does someone get their definition of right and wrong? What makes someone sing their personal song? Is that song just a bit pitchy or is it out of tune? Is that person from another planet or maybe from the moon?

Is it years of practice, education or experience maybe? Is it in birth we will know our aesthetic today?
Are we surrounded by the ones that we will travel with forever? Will we continue bumping into the same  colors, text and words we find clever?

From one post to another Globatron is building a digital palace. Words and images that are finely nuanced. One wrong post and the roof might fall down. One wrong image and we will be pinging the wrong sound.

As an open minded person I struggle with my opinion. There is no right or wrong when one creates. All art is equal and it’s the process that binds us to the eternal substrate. I know this in my heart and I truly struggle when I look at work that I find too subtle.

A soap opera this all may seem but deep down inside I want this virtual space to beam. Shine like that city on the hill we continue to esteem. Few eyes are on the foundation of this place, but much love has been put into the formation of this digital space. As its creator I claim editorial rights. I sadly pass judgment with much love and light.



  1. crystl37
    May 13, 2010

    Well said, globatron. I have been mostly absent for a while, but I had to go back and review to catch up with what was going on.

    I have some thoughts on your dilemma-consider, that, in order to transcend the distortions of third density incarnation, to decrease our karmic involvement with the negative polarity- knowledge of a dimensional, or universal nature becomes necessary.

    That said, I have recently become aware of the concept of free will, or the non-infringement upon it, as a truth, intrinsically existent, conceived in the octave from which our life force sprang; the lesson of the third density, mandatory for advancement.

    Using the unconditional respect of free will as a reference: You exercise the ultimate free will through expression as an artist. A positively polarized artist is free to create without infringement; and likewise, the rest of the human race as individual parts of a whole system, must enjoy pure free will in their aesthetic preferences.

    I have mentioned before the function of the internet in our rapid, (yet critically behind schedule) process of awakening. If you imagine the data layer as a sort of virtual cocoon, one of the gifts/tools it has provided us with is a space to express and create, a space that by it’s nature, is respectful of unconditional free will.

    In this space, we are allowed to make it whatever each of our websites or blogs would look like to ourselves, if it were up to us. We now have a place to enjoy that concept and to begin to experience it in a higher frequency. We as entities are liberated from imposition of our will upon others through expression and vice versa, and the exposure or potential audience for what we create is liberated from the third density confines of distance and proximity.

    It comes down, I think, to resonance and free will. When we like or dislike art or thought, philosophy or product- our perception consists of layers of third density distortion, but at our core-we resonate with something or we don’t. We are all in this together, but, we didn’t all arrive here together, from the same place, or by the same means. In all its fractal beauty, our planetary ‘together’ is made up of light families infinite in size, composition, and resonant intensity; veiled only during these incarnations.

    As I think you and I can agree upon, these incarnations are reaching the end of a cycle, and the light families are gathering. It seems from this post that you are keenly aware of the critical nature of these times- and I would like to share my opinion that you have not only thwarted a direct psychic attack on globatron, you have polarized that negative energy into an exponentially positive potentiality.

    The free will of the contributor is not challenged by non-inclusion on globatron because such inclusion would be a direct infringement of globatrons free will. This negative polarization also multiplies. In the event that there was not a negative force behind the whole incident, (which I do not believe), a negative potentiality would be created by globatron in denial of his own free will due to frivilous distortions, and would negatively effect the contributor also.

    In the more likely scenario that the incident was a negatively polarized attack-lack of action on the part of globatron would double back and grow to exponentially feed the negative polarity.

    I am curious about your last line “I sadly pass judgment with much love and light.” That is quite a contradiction- my intent was to convey to you that really you did not pass judgment, whatever that is,(in my opinion) so theres no reason to be sad-you simply made the conscious decision to be who you are and to surround yourself with resonance.

    Beautifully Done! Thank you so much for sharing this process.

  2. globatron
    May 13, 2010

    Angie this comment is more well thought out than the post. Thank you for giving it such consideration.

    I did feel if action was not taken that the I would have been negatively fed as you mentioned.

    Passing judgment is hard for me because I have much love for everyone and everything in this universe. That is why the last line exists in order to explain how hard it is to come from such an open minded place and then to have to make a judgement call on content.

    Your comment alone could be a post I believe. Beautifully said.

    I was not aware of the Third Density and did a Google:

    Is this the third density that you speak of?

  3. Akbar Lightning
    May 13, 2010

    WTF is a third density incarnation?!

    I’m sorry, but, as we are discussing these events, i must, participate with my use of free will and express a kind of regret for the loss of somebody’s language that was pared down and succinct, and having it defended by somebody who is unnecessarily obscure and vague.

    as an aside, it is important to note that globatron and i have already spoken in the real world, and come to a detailed understanding of this event. my participation here is a celebration of globatron.org’s capacity to sustain the philosophical discussion, as an object of study.

    firstly, free will can neither be unconditional or unrestrained. all actions are bound by an infinite number of contexts and forces. this does not mean we are not free, it means that our freedom takes place within a spectrum. we can, however, take comfort in the unknown scale over time. it is vital that we not only understand what binds us, but have a respect for the limitations of self, limitations of art, and the limitations of knowledge, so that we do not buy into the idea of some third density infringement.

    i am arguing very strongly precisely because a judgment is being made here about a person who exercised plain and thoughtful speech. and no argument has been made directly critiquing that work, in any way but instinctual. i reject the instinctual, and point to globatron’s history of making the debate public and open, and letting the process of debate either uplift or separate the parties.

    although it is true that globatron (the founder) owns this site, there is much precedent for the allowance of a greater scope of freedom within the participation realm, a shared ownership has been consciously cultivated. and if we move toward ownership, then we will merely recreate the ‘sins’ of capitalistic culture. anybody who shows an enthusiasm and desire to participate, i argue, should be able to put themselves into the fray, into the debate. i support globatron’s judgments, but if i had to choose, and that is what is being debated, judgment…if i have to choose between mystical vague apocalyptic fantasy languages and aphoristic attempts to clarify the human condition…i will choose simplicity, because i think this is the best antidote to a fractured culture.

    finally, it is because we are limited in our knowledge that judgment does, and always should, be tinged with regret and self-doubt. in this respect, i fully understand what globatron is saying. when he loses this sadness and uncertainty, then globatron is doomed. as per our discussion, i feel the contributors have come to very good means of moving forward, and that we have learned a lot from this.

  4. globatron
    May 13, 2010

    I know I have learned a lot Akbar. Thank you.

    Often there is no filter from my reptilian brain to my finger tips or my mouth. Akbar is the yang in my yin.

    I would like to learn more about the third density and more about what you are describing Angie.

    Judgment does make me sad for many reasons. Mainly because I have been judged unfairly so often in my life that to possibly return that sort of judgment on another without a trial does sadden me.

    I believe Akbar is saying at the heart of this there was no fair trial before judgment. I agree.

    Akbar are you casting judgment without asking for more explanation from Angie’s comment?

    We are all learning from each other no matter what density level our souls or energy are in. Even though I’m unclear on what density level means, a bit of reading seems to illustrate that it is a classification of souls through reincarnation.

    Who is to judge what phase our souls are in? Are we to be the judges?

    Angie I did find your comment very interesting. If you could explain more that would be of much help.

  5. Akbar Lightning
    May 13, 2010

    yes, i was being purposely provocative to prove a point…i hope that was obvious…because, as you see, we can either be inclusive or exclusive…inclusiveness means that we will have to tolerate things and confront things that we find uncomfortable. exclusivity would require us to define our limits and justify them, which is very hard to do.

    so, of course, i would love to have roboboy’s clarity AND crystl’s mysticism…but if given a choice, i must fight and that is what exclusivity does.

    here’s a helpful idea…if Mark Creegan was to come back and ask to be a contributor…i would say ‘helz yeah’! Why? because we learned a lot from our debates…having his ideas here did not weaken globatron, it made us more exciting. he left of his own volition…(of course, the rights to erase content might remain exclusive, he he) but i think when we find a contributor frustrating, or content ‘not good’ we ought to confront it and put ourselves on the line…

  6. Logocentric
    May 13, 2010

    on plain communication, would you clarify, Akbar, this line from one of your comments?

    “a shared ownership has been consciously cultivated. and if we move toward ownership, then we will merely recreate the ’sins’ of capitalistic culture.”

    what is your stance on ownership of the site; in your view, is participation grounds enough for one to claim a stake in a ‘shared ownership’? i assume that the part about recreating the sins of capitalism refers to a sort of static ownership scenario, in which one or a couple of people call the shots or make decisions about planning and execution of content. or maybe i’ve got you wrong.

    it is apparent that you consider yourself one of the site’s owners. but how explicit has anyone made the point that ownership is open or fluid or anything other than the ‘capitalist culture’ model? as i recall from an email some months ago, Globatron, disillusioned about lack of participation (to which i contributed by not contributing–due to unrelenting demands on my time) had resolved to just call the site his blog and let it be. are we now debating this idea publicly? i just want to be clear on which parts we keep shut up in emails and those which we put out in the public.

    i am not about exclusion. and, to echo something in one of your posts, A.L., i appreciate the idea that we are identifying our tribe and so forth. i don’t discount that. and i think i am coming around to your way of thinking. but i do need more clarification, per my comments above. i can’t be sure, but there does seem to be something slightly vague or incomplete about your position, as stated thus far.

  7. Akbar Lightning
    May 13, 2010

    first of all, it is hard to believe but i think you are the first person to refer to me as A.L., and that is surprising…it reminds me of that paul simon song, you can call me A.L. —la la la la…

    now, onto your comment:

    as we were going through what I call The Law Wars…it was always an explicit expression that all the contributors were free to elucidate what they felt to be the ultimate aims of globatron, and when i started contributing he often said that it was ‘our’ site, that he was just the site manager, and at one time he even made another contributor the leader…i’m not exactly clear on all the specifics, but this idea of his invisible leadership has always been a big part of our history. and i say that, because it evidenced his desire to participate and not be seen as a leader, which i respected.

    of course, it is a given, at such time as he decides to change this given idea, it would change because he does, in reality, own this site. but i think such a change, is not a great idea, because i think the responsibilities of such a change are not exactly in the larger, longer running expressed interests of that person…and i’m pretty sure he would agree. i think it is a difficult time, as we approach technological absolute zero, and i know this language is vague, but we are all struggling to learn coping mechanisms that fit our time. and i think it is crucial that we attempt to speak for our fellows’ best interests, if we feel we have a perspective that unifies, rather than divides. that is the promise of socratic dialogue…

    i want to clarify a point…i have a profound appreciation for the founder of this site, more so than might be expected by my ‘criticisms’…it is important to point out, that a vital part of my character Akbar Lightning, is the creation of drama, not a destructive drama, even though The Law Wars veered in that direction, but an instructive drama. as a contributor i am not trying to criticize the founder as a person…no, he is trying to do something that has never been done…and because of that i am a huge fan, and on a daily basis he is the one that has to make all these decisions and allow his property to be created by others…it is not easy, and i think, when averaged out, i would give him an absolute A..

    this thing with Roboboy..i am not pushing a fight…no, there is knowledge in this quest…and when people like us cannot come to terms, there is a problem with society…so i am attempting to urge similarly-minded people to unify…in a machine that is atomizing. globatron has some biases, as do we all, these tensions are opportunities to exhibit philosophy in action…if we all go away to our own blogs and stop collaborating..we are defeated…no work of art is more important than a true thriving, supportive community. i was harsh with crystl, mostly because i wanted to show my teeth, as an example of what such curatorial power really is…the alternative to curatorial zealotry is the willingness to get in the philosophical ring and find out something about oneself.

    i’m preaching now, but i hope that answers your question. globatron’s greatest gift has always been his desire to give something to others, and he has 99 percent of the time done that…this site has struggled with stops and starts and this is painful for him, who has it all on the line every day…and sometimes, those of us who love this site, must accept that he will get occasionally frustrated…and he is going through a lot personally, that must be part of our perspective.

    my desire to come to globatron with a sense of the epic is what i feel is the best thing i can give back for his efforts. i truly hope Roboboy comes back and gets into this with us…how many of us have friendships with people that started from butting heads?

    anywhoo, i hope that clarifies…

  8. crystl37
    May 14, 2010

    Thankyou globatron.

    Yes, third density is vocabulary from the Ra Sessions on the Law of One. It is another way of saying what I previously would have termed the third dimension-our dimension-veiled from any remembrance of our true nature we inhabit physical bodies-you and I have discussed this. And I look forward to exploring the Law of One with you.

    However, back to the matter at hand-“WTF is a third density incarnation?!”. Well, apparently it is an “unnecessarily obscure and vague” way of saying life on planet earth. The spirit of my comment was missed on so many levels, the last thing I intended was to get involved in the ego fest over curatorial power on globatron! Not only was I in no way defending the work of whoever this whole thing with you guys is about, I have never even read any of his posts. I saw some pictures, a couple lines, and then I read Akbar’s post titled Apology and globatrons comments following it. A review of this as my only information on which my comment was based will certainly help clarify my intention. I have no opinion on the subject whatsoever-when i read globatrons post-what I remembered was globatrons ‘apoplogy’ comments-which struck me when I read them because of the rational,honest and I thought very non-judgemental way in which the situation was handled.

    What globatron says in those comments is an example of exactly what I was trying to describe-as I stated in the beginning-thoughts I had on the situation-for consideration, not argument. Especially not just for the sake of argument-or defense, criticism, side taking or anything else-I was unaware of the confrontational nature of globatron. I was simply commenting on what a positive way globatron was behaving on the basis of free will as a universal concept, that I had recently come to understand, and which I wanted to share with a friend.

    As there were no other comments on the post I did’nt see it as the poor choice of venue that it was. Thats all, no big deal. Actually I would like to thank Akbar for providing me with a wonderful exercise in tolerance and acceptance in direct confrontation with argument and provocation and the negative energy it spawns. As a traveler intent on positive polarization, I am happy to report that I have made great progress!

  9. akbar lightning
    May 14, 2010

    yo crystl…

    on some level i was making a point, in a very crude way about ‘judgment’…the very expression of our ‘real’ nature often can be experienced as confrontational…in the past i have been way more of the tolerance school…

    i see your perspective, coming from the Ra Sessions, as specialized…that’s all, and if you were a regular participant, i would become fluent, but probably see the truth in it…that was my point…but i felt a bit like i was part of something where a value choice was being made, and this reflects something about ownership that is antithetical to past precedents…

    i got your points, and they are useful…and i mostly agree with the idea that we ought to be true to our feelings…but at some point, our feelings contact the boundaries of others’ feelings…and it is there that I wish to draw focus, and ask, are we responsible for that boundary? i think so…

    globatron is our leader, and in some way, this is an accident of fate…but nonetheless, his ride is different from my ride on whatever this metaphorical train is…we spoke today…and we agreed we have two options, to see this as a mistake, as a social collision, or to see it as an opportunity for philosophy…

    it’s funny, i see that when things get hot, people tend to think something has gone wrong…but no, i contest this…this is exactly what this digital forum can provide for us, a means for walking through the heat together and finding what unites us.

    because here is the ultimate question – we either believe we are united or we do don’t…and if we truly believe that something divine unites us, then there is no danger in seeking it together…

    i apologize for using your comment to make my point crystl…it was careless…


  10. crystl37
    May 14, 2010

    Thanks akbar,

    I appreciate that, I will admit I had to struggle not to take that personally, thats what I meant by it being a valuable exercise for me. In a time not too long ago, I would have never posted on globatron again. My un-comfort level with some of the things I see go on in forums and blogs has kept me relatively quiet as I move about the internet. Really great threads disintegrate into pure crap, insightful comments reduced to name calling and racial slurs. No thanks! So I usually just read until it goes south and move on. For some reason I was compelled to speak on globatron when we first ‘met’, and, as I expressed to Byron in an email, the experience, however brief, has impacted me on many levels.

    The warm welcome and general good vibe I felt from you guys gave me the forum I needed to get past my participation aversion, it was major for me, and right on time; as was your tirade, akbar, I needed that, and it couldn’t have come from a nicer person. I’ll be much better prepared in the future if someone actually does say something mean to me on the internet, God forbid! (lol)

    Seriously though, I understand and respect what you are saying as well-I think you could say that we were not on the same page… same book, different chapter. Or something like that.

    Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

  11. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    Angie thanks for sharing and i feel I know where you were coming from
    with your comment. I think resonance has a lot to do with our personal happiness and harmony in life.
    many would say this is just new age hippy stuff but this has gone back for thousands of years in eastern
    philosophy. There is Feng Shui for instance that has been around for 3500 years:

    that’s why i enjoyed that you suggested that this was just a different resonance.

    i don’t think it’s a personal attack to tell someone that the work doesn’t resonate with them. Maybe I should have said that instead? i did then say his drawings were terrible though on a comment. i feel bad about that. the drawings. but saying something is terrible is really instinctual reaction as Akbar mentioned and is not well thought out.

    I’m glad you were able to comment back after the WTF and learn a lesson
    as you suggested through it. I’m trying to learn how to build a community. Akbar, Logocentric and I have
    known each other since the mid nineties. We trust each other’s intuition so it’s hard to argue with one another
    on something such as content or even concepts.

    I am fine with the process. I am looking at what I can learn from it as well. Judgment is a hard thing for me. How does one judge? I’m interested in that process in general? I don’t think we should take it personally. Maybe that’s something that is wrong with our culture as artists or people. We are always looking for acceptance. I don’t ask or look for it anymore. I create. And if the work finds a home then I’m fine with that. If it doesn’t then I don’t take it personally anymore. I know I would take it personally though if someone just bullied me by calling my drawings terrible without any reason for saying so. For that I am sorry. I know I have submitted my writing for being published and they have completely changed it around and I took no offense. I thought of it as a collaboration. I was happy to be heard and read to be honest.

    I am divorced from the art world. I think that is maybe one reason I felt Roboboys drawings were not a good fit for Globatron was that this site no longer has visual art on the site in general.
    And if it does it’s a very long project that has been labored on for weeks or months.

  12. akbar lightning
    May 14, 2010

    different resonances….just another way of saying different…

    i contest this idea…

    some of globatron’s posts don’t resonate with me…but that does not matter…

    point being, we are at a crossroads…

    and that does not mean tragedy, but it is very real…

    we must decide whether or not this the founder’s site, or if the founder has created an open community…

    if it is the founder’s site, then the site will reflect a single resonance, and if that is the intention, then i say great…

    if the founder wishes to create an open community, then the founder will have to tolerate resonances within the space that run counter to his own…this is a cost analysis…

    with the first approach, the site would operate as any blog, and the ‘art’ process would take place within each post…

    with the second approach, the site itself would be the work of art…

    i am merely trying to point out ways of framing this, so that is moving forward.

    it is not necessary to argue for one side…but without a consciousness on these differences, we can expect the same collisions to occur in the future.

  13. akbar lightning
    May 14, 2010

    one more thing…the idea of the open community would mean that globatron, as well as all the contributors would have to struggle with alternative resonances to come to common ground…this would be an open collaboration, one where everybody was ‘in play’ so to speak…

    this is a risk, and not one i am insisting on…i just want this direction to become explicit…globatron might want to be the creative director…that is cool, but that would simply cause a shift in how i think of the site…

  14. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    Does Adbusters (the online presence where you found Roboboy) not have editors and is the magazine and the web site not a work of art? I would argue that the site is beautiful and the magazine is indeed a work of art. It is highly edited and has been for 25 years.

    Do all magazines not have many many editors and do you dislike the content because it is edited?

    I have been the Creative Director since this sites creation and you should have been fully aware of that.

    It is even on my resume which I’m sure you have read.

  15. akbar lightning
    May 14, 2010

    that’s fine globatron, totally…

    in the past you have told me that the contributors should take on full ownership…and that stuck with me…that’s all, and this attitude, which i respected gave me a particular vision for globatron, and i just need to make some adjustments..that’s all i’m saying..

    in the past, you have often not wanted to be looked at as the leader, you actively sought to make yourself kind of invisible so that you could participate…i am going on that past understanding…do you understand? you did that, even when we had contributors who were actively resisting your own ideas…

    it seems that you have moved more into the direction of director, and that is fine..i just did not know that, and i wanted to make it explicit…and this helps people to understand why i felt the way i felt about this whole thing…

  16. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    The title Creative Director does not equal Dictator.

    You are an owner of this site as are all contributors (we have quite a few actually) but you have earned that ownership.

    I think there should be a trial process before someone becomes a full contributor in the future. Maybe I’m wrong. I do not know.

    I do appreciate your input and it’s really made me think about the process a different way.

    But as we see many are not into being judged or not into a trial process.

    I’m fine with that. There is much learning to be had by all on both sides of the process.

  17. akbar lightning
    May 14, 2010

    that is an evasive answer…we need to know moving forward if you will have the ultimate say as to content…that is important information regarding the parameters of this experiment…it’s totally fine, if you wish to maintain that authority, it is the right of ownership…but if it is explicit, then such discussions will never need to be had again, regarding ‘judgment.’ but it requires a judgment..a decision…

    the more complex way would be the drafting of a process of part ownership…this would be quite arduous…does not mean it should not be part of this project, just saying…

    i think it is important to accept that the Roboboy example was handled crudely, so that we do not continue to repeat the offense…

  18. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    I don’t believe it was evasive. I have no issue with the current contributors content and never will. Of course I will not allow pornography on the site.

    So if you take me editing pornography off the site as me having the ultimate decision as to the content then you would be correct.

    You did not answer these questions by the way:

    Does Adbusters (the online presence where you found Roboboy) not have editors and is the magazine and the web site not a work of art? I would argue that the site is beautiful and the magazine is indeed a work of art. It is highly edited and has been for 25 years.

    Do all magazines not have many many editors and do you dislike the content because it is edited?

    As far as my judgment and it being crude I wrote a post about it on which we are currently commenting. It seems to answer your questions.

  19. Akbar Lightning
    May 14, 2010

    i know, but i take the comment that “But as we see many are not into being judged or not into a trial process” as reflecting an explicit contract that in fact did not exist at the time of Roboboy’s entrance, when he was given the impression of freedom to explore…

    to manage a community means to take responsibility for unexpressed expectations. and this is what drives me to pursue this inquiry concerning editing and authority.

    as to Adbusters, it is a blog, and its content is no different from what one might expect in a newspaper. i do not think of the form as anything revolutionary…it is merely a digital delivery of information. so, it contrasts greatly with what i see as some of the possible avenues of exploration for globatron.

    but we must make the ‘style’ versus ‘substance’ conversation explicit and get down to brass taxes…as far as ‘style’ i have seen some of your posts that did not appeal to me, and many more that i loved…but this equates to the difference between vanilla and chocolate…and anybody who loves ice-cream will eat vanilla when chocolate is not available…but when one is hungry for ice-cream and somebody puts out raisin cookies (yuck), then substance becomes an issue.

    so, as far as those posts you posted that i did not stylistically love, i felt simply that vanilla was served when i wanted chocolate, so i did not complain, because that can be hurtful to somebody’s process…but when globatron takes a direction that i disagree with, or wish to explore, then i speak up, as i am doing now, because i think this is important.

    but, this is the point…if the aim of globatron is to explore the possible outer limits of what a blog could be, and i mean as to what a blog can achieve as an object itself, and not simply as a means for the delivery of individual pieces of work, then that would require certain discussions, such as this one, that might seem tedious to a lot of people, who want simply to compete with other blogs in a more content driven manner. this is one of the choices we have, to be a collection of individuals driven to create a superior product. the alternative is to make the process primordial..to open up to the intimacy that philosophy offers, but this would require us to discuss authority, as i am attempting to do. i feel we have not walked completely through this doorway yet, and we do not have to, but i will keep asking this to be made explicit, as it is vital to my perception of globatron, as to whether it is a community, or a blog…and if it is a community, then i would argue that anybody is invited…know what i mean? it does not have to be…

    as an aside, the moderation of vulgarity and easily identifiable harm, has always been quite easy to recognize, and we ought not get bogged down by something as simple as that.

    anywhoo, some more thoughts…

  20. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    Is everyone invited? If that is your question then the answer is no. If you would like to start a site like that I would be happy to help you with that endeavor. I could get you up and running and you can see what type of content it produces. Everyone is invited to the conversation for sure but not to contribute. Is a comment not contribution?

    The reason being Akbar is that everyone was invited for a year and a half before you began contributing to this site. I saw the content get watered down to a point that I had to make a conscious choice to begin to edit the site. I changed the permissions of 130 people who had free reign to post whatever they wanted. I asked them to submit their content for review. I asked that their be a submission process before they became contributors.

    When this site was JaxCAL it became saturated with content that I was not proud of. I was tempted many times to delete the site in its entirety. It really ate at me and caused many sleepless nights. Instead I took over an editorial position. You have never seen that as your posts are on gel with mine because we shared a studio together and have been collaborators in art for over a decade.

    After two contributors came in and deleted a years worth of content that choice became even more conscious that I was to have to make certain judgments that might be unpopular but would “resonate” better with my soul.

    To be honest as Logocentric stated earlier I have always been fine with this site just being mine. I proclaimed that to you both to see where you were in the mission. I would of course prefer to share but if you are saying you are not fine with that role then that is your choice. If you are not okay with me making unpopular judgment calls at times then it is your choice to not contribute further. I would prefer you stay and if you are to quit contributing please do not delete your content.

  21. Akbar Lightning
    May 14, 2010

    i would never delete my content…i see that as utterly destructive and i have nothing to hide…

    i do think that the limitation that will come from your ultimate judgment as the content, will limit the organic process i am most interested in. for instance, if we had told mark creegan and James to leave, then we would not have had the opportunity to explore the differences, that in hindsight i think they will be considering for many years.

    my contributing to globatron is not in question, my work, right now, is what i think i am contributing…i think exactly these discussions are what globatron can offer that is distinct from anything else i see online.

    When Mark and James were contributing, perhaps we were not ‘proud’ of their posts, but we were engaged in a process of discovery. ‘proud’ reveals an outside theoretical observer. i was ‘proud’ of the process whereby we struggled with one another to define globatron…most importantly, we never exercised judgment, except in our comments and our own posts…they eventually did, and they left…i think with this
    most recent event, something has changed, whereby Akbar Lightning cannot, with confidence, invite a new member. he will have to suggest to a new member to appeal to globatron’s founder.

    for instance, the work of james and mark, you paid money to reinstate that data…even though you say you were not ‘proud’ of it. i think it is because you had an appreciation for the process of globatron history…and i think because they were ‘arty’ professor types, that there is a difference in style in this discussion, chocolate and vanilla.

    i have resigned myself to an ‘outside’ artist position, mostly because the promises conformity offer nothing ultimately to me, that i cannot create for myself. this allows me the freedom to defend ice-cream without having to surrender to the oppression of restaurants (i’m stretching the metaphor)..my interest now is not in style, it is in substance, people who are actively searching to reject notions of capitalistic success, and fight for a more shamanistic healing role suitable to the 21st century.

    is this issue a bottom line for me? will i stop posting? no, i don’t think so, but it will change what i think the ultimate potential can be for the site, because i believe very strongly in supporting others and engaging only in discussion, never in power. and we did that very successfully with the Law Wars, and I am very proud of that legacy, and that is what i am fighting to preserve.

  22. Akbar Lightning
    May 14, 2010

    2 things:

    1. who would jesus not invite?

    2. you created me globatron, keep that in mind…akbar lightning strikes most brightly from the cloud of globatron….

  23. globatron
    May 14, 2010

    I did not ask anyone to leave. I never have. I am glad to hear you will not be leaving the site.

    I do wish you would tell me when you hate my writing though and I am intentionally writing something that you will hopefully hate as we speak.

    In the future I hope Roboboy would return and I would be able to openly critique his work. You have made a good case and I do not wish to review his submissions in the future but to openly critique them if he would allow me to do so.

    One person’s vanilla as you stated. The ball is in his court.

  24. Akbar Lightning
    May 14, 2010

    alright, now we are getting somewhere…

    my point is, that although i sometimes have stylistic problems with your work, they all contain that ‘sugar’ that i feel is vital to substance, with the exception of those moments when i speak up…stylistic judgments are, my whole argument is hinged on this, not valuable to point out, because they come down to opinions of taste…but there is something about substance, that can be recognized and celebrated.

    so with all that said, and with a slight common ground, that we have worked very hard to create…i say, make your critique…but i suspect, because i believe Roboboy’s work has sugar in it, i suspect, that a detailed critique offers some dangers to it, that it will make you vulnerable…and i think that is the danger/opportunity of this process, that it strips us bare…

    perhaps, part of your goals for the site is more unity, more serenity…but globatron, in my mine, is at its best when heads are butting and people are working to crunch out of these tensions something truly transcendent. my faith in this process is bolstered by our history. i haven’t had this much fun on globatron in a while, this has been great, because it makes us human instead of ‘producers’, we are men and women putting ourselves out there, and making this a real space….

    to be more specific, to make your critique of his work, you will have to define the values of judgment, and that will take us into very ancient dilemmas…

    for instance, one of the notions that has been kicked around as a primary value for globatron, is that we work to make original content, as opposed to merely posting things that interest us. there is a tension, with regards to the Roboboy situation, as his drawings were original content related to his writing…this contrasts with our very common practice of posting random photos to ‘decorate’ our postings…in other words, if we are to truly critique his work, we would be going down a rabbit hole, that would eventually suck us into the same realm of judgment, and compel us to live up to those ideals…i think, on some level, we all understand this…and all of us are at risk…this is why i am encouraging everybody, myself, globatron and roboboy to show up and do something different…let’s go for it, let’s get awkward and weird, but lovingly face these questions…

    otherwise, we are just another blog, having a taste-war…imagine if you made an original drawing for every post…for instance…that would certainly change things up…and we might find ourselves with the same egg on our face…

    anyways, i think this is great stuff…the pressure falls on all the parties, because if Roboboy returns, then i too will have to walk forward with these high goals…

  25. krs
    May 15, 2010

    Roboboy is dead

    His puritan ways led him to, perhaps prematurely, drink the hemlock and now he has gone into the wild again.

    But he would be thrilled, and a little bit proud, of the serious and fruitful discussion this seems to have caused.

    Roboboy would happily have had his work publicly criticized because he always believed “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”

    But as his robot-master I just wanted to make it clear that,

    I have had an epiphany completely unrelated (if there is such a thing) to this project and will focus my energy there for the moment. In fact just to explain how big an event this was, I woke up and shaved off all my hair which I have been growing for years.

    I think that this project is very valuable and adds to the collective philosophical wealth of the human species as a whole. The willingness of the participants to reevaluate themselves and their positions is highly commendable.

    Your quest is noble but not without danger and I salute you for it.

    We shall definitely see each other again!

  26. akbar lightning
    May 15, 2010

    Hoorah! A gallant and noble response…which proves my faith in Roboboy’s coming resurrection…

    I will remain an open ambassador for your return…


  27. crystl37
    May 15, 2010

    I would like to thank you guys for having this discussion in a public venue. As a newcomer, I have a much better understanding of globatron, and mostly, of akbar. Like I mentioned before, I had not the first clue as to what the controversy was really about, it is really quite fascinating from where I sit, now that I understand. What you guys are doing here is important. I am starting to get it now-globatron is rich in friendship,history and integrity. It is an honor to participate in this project, and I too look forward to witnessing what can be accomplished.

  28. globatron
    May 15, 2010

    Krs shaving ones head can be the most symbolic thing a person can don in ones life. Or at least it was for me. I shaved my head in 1996 and have not grown it back again. It was past my shoulder in length and nearly mid back in length.

    To me it was a point in my life when I decided to get serious. I am aware of the symbolism it had for you but that was basically the day I woke up.

    I’m excited to read and discuss your posts in the future. Thank you for toeing the line with us.

  29. akbar lightning
    May 15, 2010

    so happy to read your comment crystl37…we are made so much more whole by the presence of participating people, whether they be contributors or commentators…


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