In the Shadow of the Tower

Posted by on Dec 30, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Fear, Philosophy, revelation, Revolution

A ball of white light blasts outward.
A man pulls his body upwards.
All his energy exhausted.
His singularity invested.
There are people that don’t understand
The investment that has been given.
There is a city, a world, a universe
That has been growing version by version.
Like sleeve tattoos recycled among its own
Shaped re-invented and re-drawn.
Patterns carbon copied, re-modeled and re-printed
Among users and programs and creators.
Fully integrated systems full blown and breathing
Life into death, right below your fingertips.
One nanometer between you and another dimension.
What dimension do you exist, you should ask yourself?
One carbon. One bit and one biting. All data.
Conduits to a new soul. A new battle.
Libraries of cultures forgotten and eliminated.
All barbaric. All using slaves to build coliseums.
Huge towers of light reaching for the perfect sunrise.
There are children who have grown up on this dream.
Grown interests, careers, and families.
Worked entire lives not knowing their mission.
All programmed to obey and seek their omission.
Spawning blank copies of themselves.
We work hard. We party harder. We are alive.
Every few thousand years, birthing a new consciousness.


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