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A wolf howls
deep on a mountain top
lost to the human eye.
As we shop down below
on the open, strip mall prairie.
Hunted down.
All rational instinct stolen.
Forced to believe in the supernatural.
Not natural. Not the here and now,
but the hereafter.
He no longer hunts.
He sits on his prison top perch and howls.
To let it all out.
All the progress
of a millions years
of evolution made.
To sweep it all away
in one day.
Slowly regressing to his grave.
He looks out and perceives, no future.
His life snuffed out by lack of food and water.
Water now so rare he licks the leaves
when the morning dew rises.
Let the waters rise.
Let the ocean tides
rinse the Earth clean
of all toxic thinking
that has made the wolf
crave another land,
to one day hunt man again.



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